Scunthorpe United (H) Jan 12th, 3pm


Was on a flight so missed commentary but was going to make same comment but you beat me to it!
A free paper at the airport said we hadn’t scored more than one goal against Scunthorpe in our last 12 matches against them (9 1s, 3 0s). Make that 13 games now.


Think the only positive I can really take today is Edwards. He played well lasted 90 mins. Now he should repay the club as they have stuck by him through his injuries and sign a new contract .


Would you? I agree but it’s asking a lot unless the squad is seriously strengthened this month


I know what your saying… And I think the only way you get players to commit and show commitment,enjoy there football is by the club having competition for places and that word AMBITION to be the best they can be for there players and supporters. It starts at the top with BONSER


Devlin was definitely one of the better players today and took his goal well, but he was absolutely goading his own fans and ended up looking a pillock after that abject team performance.

Scunthorpe won’t pick up an easier 3 points all season, we completely folded. The team were in one of two camps: either scared or couldn’t be arsed.


But why was he goading the fans? do fans berate him at games? or has he been reading social media?


You’re right, to think players don’t read social media would be showing some gullibility. He and the rest of the players absolutely do, and they absolutely receive some very unfair criticism.

However, if you’re giving some stick, then at least be sure of proving us wrong! You’re not Junior, at least he shoved it down our throats! What I’d have given for Devlin to be able to have flicked the V’s today :joy:


It could be that some of these players are aware that they are coming to the end of their contracts and may have been made aware that they will not be renewed. Therefore, these such players’ commitment to the cause of fighting relegation may be the biggest danger that we have in the fight against going down. Winding up the fans will be part of their wind down to the end of the season.

Keates’ threats in the press to these players have had no effect, none have been dropped for what he describes as ‘not learning’

I think we’re in the brown stuff


Devlin has good comments as well as bad on social media . And to my knowledge has never had any stick on a match day .because most fans can see his commitment.

So why make the signs🙈


He has a direct line to @Thanatos posts :rofl:


Suppose there is that :joy:


I wrote on Twitter on my way to the game earlier how today was the first time since the Whitney era that it felt like a chore to go to a game. The dark clouds hanging over the club are back, mistakes on and off the pitch all the time and I genuinely don’t think I have it in me to drag myself to what should be a hobbie, yet feeling like it’s the complete opposite.

Most of the football today was as bad as anything we saw over the past two seasons, that is fact. There is no clear plan, no clear instruction and the players don’t know their roles. Whether this is a lack of good management or rubbish footballers, we’ll only know when Whitney’s signings are booted out in the summer.

I want it to work for Keates, and seeing his reputation tarnished would be horrible. With each passing post-match interview he’s looking more of a beaten man and it looks obvious he knows this is a very difficult job. I just hope we get out of this run soon, not just to keep us in League One, but to keep his status at this football club intact.


Dean will walk before he is sacked and its coming you can see it.


I can’t see that happening in all fairness, unless the club is in that much of a state?


he gets some stick but not as much as Leahy nowhere near still average for me and part of the problem defensively he could always go back to the scottish pub league and clear sheep and goats off the pitch before the game if he is that unhappy?


They’re less concerned about the location of away fans when they’re lapping up the income from expanding the away end to include the whole family stand (bringing them right up close to the home end and giving them an additional length of the pitch from which to encroach) and moving the family stand home fans elsewhere.


I agree Devlin played out of his skin today, but IMHO dont think he was goading

I think he was trying to get the supporters to actually make some noise in the stadium, up to that point the stadium was as quiet as the Manor morgue

Psychologically if the crowd get behind the players it can boost their performance

Perhaps the cup to the ear was him saying " lets have some support" rather than anything to the contrary

At that point we were back with a chance of winning and some noise, encouragement and support might have lifted the players to score again and get us over the line for the 3 points we need and in a way the players need.

He would also have the added incentive of a much needed £ win bonus that they have been missing out for the last few months


That’s exactly what I thought he implied too.




A lot of people in the crowd and that post on here have a very cynical and blinkered outlook on life and it hurts me to say this but this is a trait that seems particular to the people from Walsall area. I was born in Wednesbury near where the Pizza Hut is now, and then lived in the Walsall/Bloxwich area until my 20s and then moved out of the Borough and it is astonishing to see the difference in the attitudes of people from Walsall when I visit

The glass is always half empty, never half full

They seem to thrive and wallow in peoples failures