Scunthorpe United (H) Jan 12th, 3pm


Well that proves it then. What a ridiculous excuse :joy:


Oh my, and you called someone else childish :joy:


What are you talking about? :confused:

Can’t see where I am being childish.

Coincidentally, Stuart Watkiss actually agrees with me on good old WFHYS that Devlin is to blame there :confused: It looks like I’m still talking rubbish of course :roll_eyes:


Like I said, I don’t think I’m the one who needs to chill out here mate.


Oh well if Stuart Watkins’s says it is then it is.


We can’t all be right.


Was that Devlin saying ■■■■ you lot keep taking the ■■■■ out of me i’m ■■■■■■■ off anyway :thinking:


What does WFHYS stand for anyway?


Walsall fans have your say! ( I think )


Is it just on Facebook,thats all that came up when I googled it.


Brief summary of the game as this ancient viewer saw it … Just as I said to the chap next to me after about 15 minutes “Well, we’re normally 2 down by now”, we did indeed concede. The Scunthorpe scorer must have been nearer the half-way line than the goal when they took the corner, but no-one picked him up and he was allowed a free volley that could have ended up in row Z but didn’t. Incidentally, that corner was awarded when the linesman judged the ball to have gone over the goal line when Roberts caught it (from a defender’s headed back-pass I think) … Roberts’ position was on the right-hand side of his goal, between his goalpost and the six-yard line, and the linesman was positioned by the OPPOSITE corner flag - I find it hard to believe that his sightline was good enough to judge that the whole of the ball had crossed the line, specially when it was enclosed in Roberts’ mitts. I’d love to see that on VAR…

Our equaliser was entirely down to the Nicky Devlin one-man show. His attitude, application and enthusiasm more than make up for any alleged technical deficiencies, and his “cupping the ears” at the home crowd was, I think, a signal to them that the more noise they could make the better the team would like it.

After we equalised our whole tempo did pick up, and Iron’s defence were put under a fair bit of pressure. But then in true Walsall fashion it all got thrown away by one slack piece of marking. The point was made in the match preview that Lee Novak would be their main threat, so why on earth was nobody shadowing him as he made that run towards our goal? It isn’t (as they say) rocket science…

After Ferrier went off injured very early on, the responsibility fell more on Cook … but after a very heavy fall in the first half he was definitely troubled by his left shoulder, needing lengthy attention on the pitch before being able to carry on. I suppose he had to carry on really, as there were no more strikers left on the bench!

Ismail tried to be full of trickery on the right wing, but Scunthorpe’s defenders fairly soon had his measure, and often (as has been said) double-marked him. Joe Edwards was head and shoulders above his team mates in terms of class, decision making, and accurate passing ability.

Strangely enough, when we did choose to keep the ball on the floor and pass it around in the Dean Smith style we looked effective, but far too often hoofball was resorted to, and the sheer size of Scunthorpe’s defenders meant that we didn’t get anything out of it - possession was usually sacrificed.

I do get the definite feeling that the team would be uplifted beyond recognition with just one win, but we are running out of suitable opponents… :grimacing:

UTS :wink:


Oh, and as a PS … Mussa came on for a cameo substitution after 87 minutes, and he actually had 8 or 9 minutes’ play (5 minutes added at the end) … and I have to say he looked impressive!!


Logon UTS … same individuals bitching :joy::joy::joy: … logg off


Watching the highlights there are many errors with that goal but ultimately Devlin should be in his defensive line and he isn’t. If he pushes up like he should then it’s probably not a goal. It’s not solely Devlins fault, there is poor defensive play before that, but he’s played a major part in conceding that goal, and this from someone who’s defended both Leahy and Devlin numerous times this season.

If I were the manager I’d have gave him a bollocking for that. No excuse to not be up with your defensive line. Thick defending.


Conor Johnson and Guthrie both step out of the line. They wouldn’t have needed too if Osbourne had his man.

Devlin is where the line was and should be.

And all of that probably wouldn’t have happened if Keates hadn’t have inexplicably dropped Kinsella. Whose been excellent in that exact position all season.


At last a bit of common sense from a fellow seasoned supporter. As I posted yesterday a poorish game which we could have won. Very disappointed though in our lack of response to their second goal. I am beginning to have real doubts about DK.I hope he can turn it around and soon but he doesn’t fill me with confidence at the minute.


Not before bitching yourself, obviously…


I disagree with Devlin being where the line should be, but there you go


Clutching at straws, Welsh.


Proof you’ve never played football.