Season Tickets 21/22

The stanchions lean?

I see they still have Brian Dutton as manager on the official site.

I realise that it wouldn’t be anything to do with my post. I was just joking.

Are there any student concessions.

Can anyone comment on the 1888 Club experience? I’m thinking of doing it this season. I like the idea of chilling out in the lounge while the traffic disperses.

However if its rammed and seats are a premium its probably not what I’m looking for.


I was hoping they would have concessions for the more discerning,better looking more mature gent,anyone heard anything?:wink:

Who you asking for then? :grinning:


I can’t see anything in the announcements about existing ST holders having their current seats reserved until whatever date before they are all opened up for general sale.

I realise they have a shorter window than usual to do all the sales this year, but still a bit of a pain if someone gets in before you for the seat you’ve always had (and want again), or conversely if you’re a newby and ask for a specific seat/area on the 21st June but are told none available because they are reserved so have to sit elsewhere then find out later that it was never taken up by the original occupant and you could have had it later on.

Unless they have just forgotten to mention it, I guess the only thing to do is make sure you get on the e-Ticketing wotsit nice and early on the 21st just in case …


I’ve been in the 1888 for a few years now and I enjoy it in there, has its own bar and a good place after the game to talk through the game and made a few good friends in there. They also have the man of the match come in after the game and do a bit of a Q&A, nothing major but is nice. You used to be able to order food in there but that has gone I think this year and will be available in the main room. Plenty of seating in there although this year they’re allowing under 18’s in so may be a bit more crowded but shouldn’t really be an issue.

Could it be incase they have to move people for social distancing.

They cover that in the T&Cs - selling the tickets on the basis of no social distancing being required when we go back, but with the proviso that you may be moved to a different seat to the one on your ticket if it is brought in again at any time.

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How much is the membership? mind you, after spending my youth in the street end, then migrating to Bescot, getting married and ending up in the blue rinse brigade side, i feel if i get membership to that, i will have distanced myself from the matchday experience altogether :grin: