Second Boycott letter

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That’s way too long. It’s like a 5000 word essay.

He could’ve summed that up in much fewer words and made it easier to read and understand for me



PS: Ticket prices will be higher next season than ever before. Keep being positive tho :+1:t3:


Fans Forums. We will continue to host fan forums in person at the stadium.

Aren’t we still waiting for last seasons? Pretty sure there was one pre-season and nothing since.

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There was one not so long ago, can’t remember exactly when from memory now.


I will believe all of that when I see it.We have no choice but to let time take it’s course and see where this ends up.


more buzz words, the proof will be in the results on the pitch,


There was one post Jan.

However, preseason we were told (at the first forum) that three others would follow at predetermined dates so they could not be accused of planning them when it’s going well.

This did not happen.


Positive Foundation – Support.
The attendance levels, season ticket levels, and home and away support have been very strong – the highest that they have been in 15+ years. I am thankful that this town is continuing to get behind this club, even when things have been difficult.

This will surely be taking a hit this season one would think.

Regarding the fans forums, I remember the last one now, near the end of the season. Like most things regarding last season, i’m trying my best to forget they happened.

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I am now less enthused after reading that.

Unless I missed it, nothing in structural changes around the football side of things.

Sums it up for me. Proof will be in the pudding, but the menu seems pretty shit at the moment.

Positive Foundation – Off the Pitch.
Prior to Trivela’s arrival, the club’s leadership have done an excellent job building a stable, sustainable football club, and giving the club a very strong foundation to build on.

Also points to not much change happening where it is needed most and where most fans want to see it happening.


Christ that’s was a dull read.

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The last fans forum must have been a fair while back because I recall LP still maintaining that we could make the play-offs.

I lot of waffle and blustre in that letter, it’s all about action now.


It also whiffs distinctly of bullshit. We chose Matt Sadler as the best choice to play front foot football because literally nobody else wanted too? Ok. There was me thinking most managers would love to be winning every week but there we are.

Sadler literally said last week he won’t stick to one style of play and will change, that we won’t be just blanket playing football whenever the back four has the ball, but we won’t just be launching it either.

Cool. That’s actually my favourite approach … but how does it gel with this distinct approach they seemingly want to take if by definition we are playing random football? Better than any other manager they interviewed in this supposedly rigorous process?

Yep. Exactly what I said to @CompletelySaddled earlier - and I think this text by BB is proof of it.

They’re scratching around trying to justify the appointment.

I am very disillusioned right now.


Here we go…

Walsall fans: The second communication is overdue. Where is it?

Walsall: Here’s the second communication

Walsall fans: Rubbish. Might as well have not bothered.

There are plenty of questions that arise from reading the letter but three positive things stand out for me;

  1. There’s a very clear strategy and focus at the club now, not just on the football side but on the whole matchday experience. However, the main focus is definitely on us playing exciting, winning football, as it should be. This represents a departure from the point of focus being to make a small profit

  2. For those who constantly call for the removal of our executive directors, there is some clear, implied criticism of what has happened to date and a clear intention that it won’t be allowed to continue. You can’t just “sack the board”. They are employees, they have to be managed in accordance with employment law. Clear objectives have to be set and their performance managed against this. The impression I get is that new, different objectives have been set and those responsible will either work to these new objectives or they will be replaced.

  3. For those who think Pomlett being around the Boardroom is a disaster, there is a very clear implication that Boycott is now the man in charge and will be making all of the decisions without input from Pomlett anymore.

The proof of the pudding will, of course, be in the eating but I’d say the above points give a good framework. I certainly wouldn’t expect him to go into greater detail at this moment. Every business has to have a strategy, a mission and a list of core values. From those, the rest should follow.


My life, what a load of old waffle. Nothing that’s not already been said, smoke blown up everyone’s arse who’s already in post and some reference to the most basic stuff that all football clubs do as though it should have some wow factor. No new appointments, no meat on the bones of the “structural changes”. Its just plain as day bullshit with a bit of hit and hope that Sadler might work - oh and we’re going to sign some players and get some back-room staff…at some point!! And who are these young players coming through? The most promising one of all couldn’t get minutes in dead rubbers at the back end of a dead season just a few weeks ago :joy:


Ok - the communication is great (nobody would argue against that).

But can you tell me where in that letter it points to substantive changes off the field that will complement and improve the football side of things? I don’t see it - do you ?

Is there? I literally just explained exactly why it’s not clear at all.

But what a shock that your blanket supporting something communicated from the WFC board and whinging about fans :joy:


Also no mention of the Transfer strategy, no mention on any backroom changes/appointments/ data analysts / performance analysts / recruitment director, youth coaching set up / pathway.

Very disappointing.