Sell-on fee for Romaine?

According to the Excrete & Stir, the Baggies are interested in signing Romaine Sawyers - and a fee of £3 million is mentioned. Maybe Dean Keates (sorry, I meant Uncle Jeff) will get a windfall?:thinking:

I don’t think we’ll be entitled to anything because he left us at the end of his contract.

He was a free agent.

D’OH !!! :grimacing:

But didn’t west brom let him go in the first place?

I always find it quite amusing when a club had a player in their ranks, let them go due to deeming them not good enough, and then end up buying them back.

Not as rare a situation as you might imagine.

Pogba cost United £85 million a mere 6 years after he left them.
Graeme le Saux cost Chelsea £5 million when he returned after a spell away at Blackburn.

Financial folks at clubs must shake their heads when players come back and cost transfer fees.

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