Absolutely seething following yesterdays game and was wondering if anyone on here could help me with contacts at the club?

Coventry fans in the Walsall section yesterday but apparently this is acceptable, despite them goading home supporters, because they have corporate tickets?

Commercial manager Josh Davies actually came down into the stand to remonstrate with home supporters who were asking the stewards to move them and then proceeded to tell the home supporters that they were goading the Coventry fans? Not when they are in the wrong area during a segregated game, no. If anything, well done to the Walsall supporters in the area for keeping their cool and not rising to the bait.
A segregated game is a segregated game. Surely they shouldn’t have been in a designated home area. This wasn’t a box or the fancy padded seats, but block Q and P of the main stand.

I don’t care if fans of opposition teams want to sample the delights (or lack thereof) of the main stand at the Bescot, as long as they do so in a respectful way but the attitude of the club employees was clearly that these blokes had spent more money than us on fancy tickets, so we were to put up and shut up. If they had fancy tickets, what were they doing in with the riffraff anyway?

Had these been young lads or ordinary ticket holders, they would have been watching the game from the car park.

Money before crowd control? Maybe.

Money before supporters? Without a doubt.

Sort it out Walsall.

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I should email the Chief Exec. if I were you
[email protected]. uk… at least you will get your point over and get an answer.
I was threatened with being thrown out a few years back when something I said about Lee Hughes upset the Directors of Oldham !!! It was something about conning the referee as he had done the judge in his infamous court case. I told the steward in no uncertain terms that I was going nowhere and that I would take the matter up with the Club after the game. He came and apologised later and said he was only acting under orders. I left it there but those in charge should understand that as long as we behave our fans should come first.

Other than a few supporters telling them in no uncertain terms to go forth and multiply (which frankly, if you are sitting in the home stand, is fair enough) no Walsall fan acted out of turn in the slightest from what I saw. There was no violence or threats of violence, it is really just an issue of comfort, a feeling of safety and watching the game without a middle aged bloke who’s had too much to drink making a pop every time you shout something.
The police in the stand were their usual disinterested and unapproachable selves who seemed to see home supporters as nothing more than an irritation but who can blame them when our own club treats us as such?

To be honest, it’s no wonder we didn’t want them there when you look at how scummy their support were yesterday. The majority of them seemed to come with one intention and that was to intimidate and act like they were extras in green street. The whole day (other than the result) was unpleasant thanks to that shower.


The stewarding in that area is pathetic at best. Very quick to jump on the home support for any minor infraction yet will do little or nothing at all should an away supporter be out of line. Corporate or not, they should have been moved into the away end where there were plenty of seats available due to said stewards and police not doing they’re job properly and letting numerous Cov fans stand in designated No standing areas. Disgrace

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I’m sure i was a season ticket holder close by where you we’re and i remember the steward’s coming to talk to you , i’m sure there was plenty more complaining by Oldham’s director’s when we we’re singing " you’re supposed to be in jail " re Hughes

I’m afraid it’s all down to money again , home support not up to scratch let the away team do as they will …as long as they’re paying …:money_mouth_face:

Are you still sitting close by me? If so you will note I have got much quieter as I have got older!!1

We had exactly the same issue during the Burton game. I spoke to the Steward Supervisor at half time but nothing was done. After initial positive emails from the club, the end response was that they ask people who book hospitality if they have any away supporters in their group. If they say no, then there is nothing else they can do

@AngrySaddler Jim O’Grady the contact you need.

[email protected]

If away fans attend with Walsall fans in the hospitality section, it’s the fans responsibility to police their guests surely, not the club?

If the whole booking are away fans then that is different, but there is probably little the club can do, and when you think a table or box will be spending 2-3 times the cost of a season ticket, you can’t blame the club for not wanting to put hospitality guests off.

While i do see your point here, that is the entire problem. The club’s employees don’t even attempt to hide that this is the case and I refuse to be treated in that way. Tickets for games at Walsall are not cheap, nor is a beer in the bar or a coffee from the kiosk. The guys who buy a meal and a bit of brown nosing off the club are obviously entitled to their extras, but not at the expense of my matchday experience.

I have been passed from pillar to post by the club via email and I cannot be bothered to chase it as in the end, i know I will be dismissed with a vague, faux apology.

I’m not a season ticket holder, i attend about 10-15 games a season around family life and work, but perhaps it’s time to spend a bit of money and time at Rushall Olympic or Chasetown, or anywhere where I won’t be treated like something that has been scraped off the bottom of a shoe.

So Mr Bonser and Walsall FC (we all know club employees read this site), congratulations on the loss of a customer for a while. Please tell the commercial manager to treat the club’s supporters with a modicum of respect, and to attempt to hide his disdain when dealing with them in future.


Drop Dan Mole an email. He’ll always read them and is great at replying quickly and if you have any suggestions they do take them on board and act on some of them.