Shay Facey

Only just recalled that Shay Facey is contracted to the club! He has never really had a look in.

What has happened to him?

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Been injured most of the time according to Clarke. Was something about him in one of the interviews last week where he was apparently due to start a game 4 ish weeks ago but got injured in training the day before. Crock table in the physio room needs extending I think!

Oh right, thanks for that.

He played in the EFL Trophy game against Coventry at St Andrews. Looked OK - tidy enough and no major mistakes, but it was not exactly a great test of his readiness for a starting XI position in a League 2 game (even before getting injured).

BTW DC’s policy of not giving news on injuries apart (leaving us to guess at the reason for non-selection), this season (so far) seems to me to one of the worse I can remember for players being out due to injuries. Last season we had long term absentees Chambo, Kory and Joe Edwards but all the others were only for the odd game or 2 - how many are queueing for the physio’s table at the moment, and when are they expected back? Guthrie every other game, Pring was out for ages, Lavery, Facey, Kiersey, Kory only just coming back and not reckoned to be worthy of game time, and it’s all gone very quiet about Kouhyar …

I was thinking Kouhyar wasn’t good enough over the last couple of seasons, to be honest, but I am now beginning to think he is probably better than most of the useless midfield / attacking players we appear to have on the books now.

I agree about the injury situation, it appears to grow every week and the lack of updates is crap.

Guthrie looks like a huge waste of the budget, pity, as he is the best player on the books when he plays, only player who can try and get us moving forward and create something, also the only player who can pass the ball to a red shirt on a regular basis, but he still looks very unfit to me and its showing in the length of time he spends on the sidelines and boy don’t we miss him when he is not in the team, its just hoofball all the time, which is fine if you have Peter Crouch up there.

You are right Kouyhar would get in this midfield. Says a lot

Didn’t Maz do his ACL at some stage last season? He has a serious injury I’m pretty sure so won’t be in contention for a while.

Think his case is similar to Candlin, was involved in 18 reguarly and looked promising but needed to be loaned out last season when it was clear Keates didn’t think he was ready to play. Lost a year by not playing and now probably lost another with injury.

Kouyhar, Sangha, Ronan, Flanagan, Butterfield…

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Flanagan - now of Rushall Olympic!

BTW When Facey came on last night (replacing a crocked Jules who himself had replaced a crocked Pring :roll_eyes:) he didn’t look too bad - well not compared to everyone else out there in a red shirt. He even very cleverly headed back across goal a far stick cross from Norman that would have been very inviting to any forward that had bothered to try and get into the 6-yard box when it came over (rather head out of the penalty area altogether like Adebayo did - then shouted at Norman for not picking him out instead!)

Another thread mentioned how Oldham fans were laughing out loud at our feeble attack, what made things even more insulting was to see a lump like Norman attempting to be a winger! Just cringeworthy, DC hasn’t got a clue, all this defending of the guy is embarrassing, he hasn’t got a Scooby on how to make this squad into a team.

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Worst thing is the Oldham fans before the game were saying that they had the worst team they could remember and they ended up laughing at how poor WALSALL are.
How low do we have to go?