Shrewsbury Game - iFollow

Will the Shrewsbury game be available on iFollow does anyone know?

According to the EFL website not available to watch only listen.

Can I watch it in tenerife? its supposed to work abroad but I couldn’t get it to work when in Greece earlier in the season.

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Yes, it works abroad - but only if there is an R in the month.

The agreement with sky means that they can’t show the other games at the same time in the UK.
I’ve found that it’s very iffy if you don’t get a really good bandwidth. I can watch it with near HD definition on 100mbps WiFi in the USA but if you use VPN (I never do this :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) with 36mbps it can get a bit pixcellated from time to time even with an ethernet connection.

I had problems in Tenerife using my mobile data. There chat support said that a UK registered sim will not work. So you will either need wifi, non-uk sim or a vpn.

The problem could be, your phone can be outside UK, but when you try to reach club’s website, connection is via UK based point somewhere between phone and website. That’s why IFollow won’t work, because it looks like you are still in the UK. I dunno details, I don’t use phone.

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Surely your SIM connects to a local provider in the country you are in. My UK O2 SIM connects to CSL in Hong Kong. My 3 SIM connects to 3hk. I don’t use them here as data charges are horrendous - especially for O2 (£7 per MB!!!)

Just downloaded the Nord VPN app. You get a weeks free trial. The stream is now ready

Somewhat nervous … in a way I’m glad I couldn’t make it today

Did the same but still says the game isn’t available on ifollow due to writes, I’m connected to Canada… am I doing something wrong?

just downloaded the nordvpn signed into canada but when i went onto ifollow it only gives me the option to listen?

I’m watching on ifollow but very blurry. At least the commentary is working

Half time and it’s the Wolves show :joy: replaying today’s commentary and interviews with Wolves players. What a ■■■■ Paul Franks is


Cost me 9 canadian dollars.
No clue how much that is in real money…

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Did you have a good picture?

Did it really matter , the whole ■■■■■■■ season has been blurry .

May have been a blessing if we couldn’t have seen half the ■■■■■■■ season

I always find Walsall are best watched blurry. A few pints before the game works well.

Not great… second half was pretty blurry at times.