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From: Oliver Beckett <[email protected]>
Date: 28 February 2020 at 15:02:13 GMT
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Subject: Signed shirt

Sent from my iPad. Independent saddlers supporters association.
Myself and Dave josebury have just had the pleasure of spending an hour with Chris Nicholl and. The man himself sir Ray

Both where in good spirits, and both asked for there well wishes to be past on to all Walsall fans

Both have signed a retro shirt, which will be profesionely framed and will contain iconic images Of our promotion at the millennium stadium, and of the one under Chris which was secured at bury

This will be a total one off and a unique piece of Walsall FC memrobilia, and would grace any saddlers collection, no one anywhere will own such a piece

Monies raised from sale will go to help out a kid,s grass roots team, at sir Ray,s and Chris,s request in the bourough of Walsall

Someone who has seen shirt in its unframed condition, as already placed an oppening bid of £150 , So that is our starting. Posistion

If interested in owning what will be a truly fantastic item when finished , please indicate your bid in comments box

The messages on it state. Best wishes Ray Graydon
And good luck Chris Nicholl, So would. Make a fantastic gift for any saddler whilst also helping out another local good cause

As said if interested in bidding please do so in comments box
The auction will. End at 10 am next Friday 06 03. 20


The highest bid received so far. Stands at £190

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The auction has now ended. Alan grinrod with a winning bid of £230. Claiming the shirt