So excited

I don’t care what the score will be tomorrow, who the players are or where I’m sitting, it’s just such a good feeling knowing that tomorrow at 1pm I will back watching a live game at The Banks’s. It’s been a long time…


To everyone going tomorrow have a wonderful afternoon enjoy the football the weather the feeling of being back in the banks’s because let’s be honest we all deserve it after what we’ve been through,and to anyone who’s lost someone they will be there by your side watching too UTS.


:+1: :heart:


I just can’t hide it ,I’m about to lose control and I think I like it

I am bit old to get too excited but I am really looking forward to tomorrow.I don’t usually bother with friendlies but I could not resist the match tomorrow although I will be nowhere near my normal seat. Its going to be a lovely day weather wise so with my sun cream on I will sit in my new shirt watching my team for the first time in ages. A team I hope I will like watching and get behind in the season ahead. What a lovely way to spend a sunny afternoon.


Gutted cant go got wifes birthday and going out cant belive first game back and cant go

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Was hoping we’d be able to stream it

Crystal Palace are streaming 3 of their friendlies at a cost of £14.99

unfortunately you cannot pay for our game separately.

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Me too Danny. Does anyone know if you can listen on Ifollow?

All beware Junction 10 is closed sat and sun.

It’s not being closed closed - you can still get on and off or travel through, but they are diverting traffic up and over the top (and back down again) so it will be chaos with the volume of traffic on the Wolverhampton Road at the best of times.

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What does that mean? I’m coming from 10A direction so can I get off at J10 and onto the Wolvo Road?

So as you come south from J10A you will be diverted up the J10 slip road (probably after being reduced from 4 to 1 lane on the lead up to the junction), over the roundabout, and back down the slip road on the other side. Same for those on the northbound side. And the usual east/west traffic of the Wolverhampton Road (and BCR) also using the roundabout at the same time.

There will very likely be a massive tail back on the carriageways (wouldn’t be surprised if it reaches past J10A), then a queue up the slip road waiting for the lights at the top. Odds on there will be a bump or 2 which won’t help things.

I would normally be going the same way myself so planning to get off the M54 at Jn1 and come through Essington, Willenhall, Darlaston and the back roads to Jn9.

The good news is that it’s only in place until Monday morning so should be back to normal for the Villa game on Wednesday.

Thanks, I think it will be back roads and country lanes for me as well then. :roll_eyes:

That may be the case but how many saddlers fans are going out out tomorrow :beer::sunny:

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Saw this from Highways England on Twitter - ‘Planned closures of M6 junction 10 have been postponed. Unforeseen circumstances meant the 750-tonne crane lifting these 44m-long steel bridge beams into place is now unavailable this weekend. We apologise for any confusion caused and will announce new dates shortly’.

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Thanks for that - just checked and they have indeed been pulled the closure for this weekend. Good news, just the usual roadworks/congestion to battle through then and no need to come a different route.

Signs up on the motorway about J10 being closed next weekend so I’m assuming it’s all back on again. Something to be aware of if you have to go through there on your way to Tranmere next week.