So ... Who would you like?

Now we know the identities of all our rivals in League One 2018-19, thoughts turn to the commencement of hostilities!! For our first game what would your preference be?

I think I’d like the kind of fixture where it wouldn’t be the end of the world if we lost, so how about Plymouth Argyle at home?:grinning:

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Anybody rubbish!!! I’m away the first couple of games

Salop (H) :sheep: - the sooner we return to beating them and being above them in the league, the better.

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Plymouth away for me or any seaside town, it should be warm :sunglasses:

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Yep, someone crap please for the first couple of games so we can try and get some momentum going, although saying that Shrewsbury at home on the first day of the season would see a big crowd in the sunny weather…which is nice.

Sunderland at home??

Coventry City at home. A nice little earner, that one!

And still gives Bonser time to invest it in the team before the transfer window shuts :rofl:

I’m with chunkster Plymouth or any other seaside team away, start the season with a weekend away.

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Fleetwood away.

I missed out on seeing Syd Little at his boozer the other week. Need to put that right, soon as :star_struck:

Burton away.

I still want revenge for that 0-0.

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First game of the season, I would like AFC Wimbledon Away. Cracking drive through Suffolk. Look out for the shop.

Burton away for sure

Is the first game on 4th August? Hoping for a home game, or somewhere up North. Then I can get to it.

No doubt the brave new world will begin with an uninspiring fixture… Gillingham away?

Blackpool away ???

Blackpool away would be just beautiful.

We’ll get Luton at home :unamused:

Save Blackpool for the forth game.
Bank Holiday weekend in Cesspool :grin:

Blackpool fleetwood or Plymouth away.

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