Soccer AM

I see the folks from Sky are looking for 6 fans for this Saturday’s show. Might be worth emailing if you’re heading down to watch the match and fancy 5 minutes of fame.

What an awful show


Although I agree it has gone down the pan since the days of Tim Lovejoy and Helen Chamberlain, I still like some of the pieces they do such as YKTD. I’ve also always liked Jimmy Bullard.

So bad - painful to watch. Just accept it Sky and end it.

It’s a lot better in recent years. Cutting the time down and YKTD have improved it a lot.

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Watched a portion of this programme one Saturday morning, big mistake.
Is this show specifically for children under 10 perhaps?
Absolutely purile, is it supposed to be an attempt to bring back 50’s slapstick, or is it genuine?
Very loosely based around football, with ancient has-been’s from the older footballing community trying to drag out one more pay day before they are put out to pasture.
Very sad.

For god’s sake lighten up ! Perfect Saturday morning after a few beers the night before , bacon sandwich , cup of tea get ready for the Saturday afternoon game .