Southend United (H) Friday 19th April, 3pm


Cutler isn’t right and perfect 100% of the time.



Had a pretty decent record though didn’t he? O’Donnell then etheridge and, interestingly, most would have agreed that O’Donnell was the better of the two and yet look at their respective clubs now. Anyway, he certainly knew how to spot a keeper with potential and to coax that potential out.



Going back on topic, heart says a 3-1 win, head says a 1-3 defeat.

The heart says we win Friday, lose Monday but then beat Peterborough to set up a nailbiting last day of the season. The head says relegated next Monday or after the Peterborough match

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Cannot see any of the squad that received dogs abuse on Saturday wanting to play their hearts out on Friday.
MOC needs to abandon the set routine team pick, and go for something more energetic (not that we have much to chose from as our younger players are equally as bad, some good coaching going on in the background then?)
Apparently Southend are nearly as bad as us (according to
Roots2Roots! that is) So, 1-0 down after 10 minutes, and will probably remain that way for the remaining 80 minutes. We will huff and puff to no avail.
As I’ve stated previously I think we will lose all four of our remaining matches, the Shrews will annihilate us as we drop into the 4th Division.

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Quite depressing all of this really. Although I have loved some of the comedy posts, two that stand out are Ishmail living in Mullen’s basement and in response to Roots2Roots commenting that Sarfend only play for the first 15 minutes someone suggesting that was O.K. because we’re usually 2 down at that point.

I have a feeling this game will end up a little like when we played Bristol City at home a few games before we got relegated in the 05/06 season. I hope not as we lost 0 - 3 but that game for me made relegation inevitable, not mathematically but hope wise.

On the flip if we win this it could be a really exciting end to the season, I’m not letting the hope kill me however. U…T…S…



Why? Did we stop paying their wages as well? Don’t they want to be League One footballers?

Nicky Devlin certainly will be. He seemed to think the abuse was deserved.



All that needs to happen is:

  • We win
  • Any two of the next three above Southend lose

and we’re ouit of relegation, as if by magic!
I only have my doubts of one part of that scenario…



From Twitter:

Southend United ‏Verified account @ SUFCRootsHall 1h1 hour ago

Kevin Bond confirms at his pre-match press conference ahead of Friday’s game against Walsall that Jason Demetriou will miss the rest of the season.



But he let Craig McGillivray go after we paid Harrogate Town 25K for him. He certainly failed to get the best out of him!!! He was a miles better keeper than Gillespie or Liam Roberts imo



Give it a rest mate. We still have a chance, albeit a slim one



Talking of Harrogate, there’s a chance we could be playing them next season.

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That would be a great away day



Should of be named number 1 once etheridge went

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I would just love us to stay up I really do, I hate the prospect of the 4th Division and the prospect of playing Crawley Town or Cheltenham.
But I guarantee that MOC will pick the same basic ‘team’ for Fridays match, none of us trust this team to produce anything any more so the prospects are indeed poor. Best chance of 3 points surely, but will they perform? Wycombe are ‘up for it’ more than we are, Posh are still in the push for the play off’s, so then along will come Shrewsbury, who, with their fans, will be relishing stuffing our relegation down our throats.
Lean times indeed, we need snookers…

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I’ve done my money this season on these ■■■■■. Could have cashed out months ago with a nice profit but now facing a 250-300 loss on the spreads. Never mind that ■■■■ though, always optimistic, so going for a 4-2 win

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Going for a 1-1 draw in front of 4889



Categorically a ■■■■ or bust must win.

Any other result is irrelevant.

I think we will, 2-1 with a late Shrimpers goal just to keep the fans nervous.



3-1 just to prolong the agony for the final couple of games…

4477 there to witness another fan/player love-in!



Heart tells me if we get an early goal for a change 3-0 to us. Head tells me 2-2 draw because we can’t keep a clean sheet.

Easy for us supporters to give our own line up suggestions; that considered, I’d like to see some fresh faces in, Johnson impressed me, he has good composure and his distribution was much better than scarr and guthrie. I’d love to see Candlin given a chance. Quite a few people have mentioned Edwards, perhaps at right back, at least should be in the starting 11 for me, I’d like to see Laird come in, no one can refute his commitment level even if he seems to have little pace now.

Even though I know it won’t happen, I think if MOC really shock up the starting line up giving players that haven’t had much of a chance, I think we as supporters would definitely give them loads of support and encouragement.

I’ll be there with my Son, UTS.



After last weeks showing I wasn’t sure I could be bothered with the journey for tomorrows game, especially having made the trip up back up to Cumbria for the weekend… but have decided to take up the offer of the last two home games for £20. Also worked out I’ve only seen 2 wins in the last 3 seasons… don’t know whether that’s me being unlucky or a general overview of how those seasons have gone :laughing:

At this stage I think we just need to go all out attack as we clearly aren’t good enough at the back for the first 42 games of the season. Hopefully Blackett-Taylor is fit again and Ismail comes back in for Osbourne and Gordon.

Hoping we nick it at the end of the game like we did in the 15/16 season, 2-1.