Squad Numbers


From this we can conclude that Pring is our 1st choice left back, and that we will recruit at least 3 others.
#12 - Goalkeeper
#15, # 16

Not sure whether we ever allocate #13.

Agreed looks like 3 or 4 to be added…if they are experienced will will be ok.

Brave decision to give Ferrier the number nine shirt.

I guess from that, he is staying with us.

I am pretty sure he is not a number nine player going on last seasons performances

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I see Norman has the number two shirt, my god, the thought of us opening the season with him starting at right back, after his shambolic perfomances last season

You never know. He may well be cack, however, sometimes a new manager can have a positive effect on a player that has not performed well previously. I’m hopeful as he hasn’t really had that many games to show what he can do.

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Also very difficult for a younger player to come into a side with no confidence and look impressive tbh. Here’s hoping the squad overhaul gives him confidence to push on and put in some steady performances.

Devlin had no-drop clause then. Ok, time for the next season and new opening for some players, or rather majority of them.

Shows how much all those know who said Dobson would be sold. Not much point giving him the No.4 shirt if he’s off.

We gave Rico the number 3 shirt a couple of seasons ago, after 1 game he was off…


I am guessing they have to do by protocol, probably means very little tbf.

Dunn wore 13 last season; Roberts the season before.

Its 12 we stopped allocating, because “the fans are the 12th man”… kind of nonsense anyone over the age of 15 ought to find a bit ridiculous.


They can always iron a zero on after the 2 once the seasons started i suppose …

Remember that season all the numbers started falling off the players shirts after two or three games?

Well, one and abit, as he dislocated his shoulder at Oldham :smile:

No Adam Chambers?
Must be still thinking on his future?
Did he turned up for pre-season?

Disappointed that Ferrier has been given a squad number, thought he would have been ditched long since…such a waste of what could have been a talent, perhaps DC can extract something from him that not a lot of us have seen?
Also notice that Kory has been given a number, I doubt we will ever see him kick a ball in a Walsall shirt again, but that’s just a personal opinion.

First game of last season Ferrier looked immense and I thought we had a real player on our hands who we’d go on to sell for millions - if he can show that desire every single game he’ll go on to be a very good player, just not sure he’s go it in him


I don’t agree on Ferrier. I think he can play well with the right coaching and guidance…anyway we will soon see. As for Kory I hope he does come back and your pessimism is not right. It sometimes isn’t you know!!!


I certainly hope that he does! He was growing into a great hope for the future…but a whole season to recover from a break? Either the physio received was appalling or the break will never fully recover.
Hope also that Ferrier proves that the prospects he showed in his performances in the National League come to fruition, they certainly didn’t last season.

He has ability, but i don’t think that is being questioned, if you look at his career i think he was at Arsenal as a youth, it’s down to his attitude, if he can get that right then hopefully the good football will follow.