Squad size

I read a couple of articles by former players of our club, who mentioned that they weren’t getting regular games due to the competition for places at their new clubs. They implied that this motivated them to work harder to stay in the team once they were there.
Where’s the competition for places at Walsall? There simply isn’t any. Having to call on one of the coaches to cover absences is unacceptable in my view.
As for still looking for “suitable” free agents, - well what nonsense is that?
Walsall’s tiny squad will be their downfall, and puts them at a distinct disadvantage against most of the rest of this league.

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Agree Rob. Utterly bizarre.

I also agree Rob.
I’m starting to find the MT sound bites about looking for free agents both daft and annoying.

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Rose, Rushworth

White, Meyanese, Monthe, Taylor, Ward, Sadler, Leak, Mills

Earing, Bates, Labadie, Perry, Holden, Kinsella, Osadebe, Kiernan

Wilkinson, Miller, Phillips, Shade

You can add Willis and Coogan to that if you like, and Foulkes is out on loan.

Doesn’t seem a small squad to me. Unbalanced yes, and too many of our best players are here on loan, and we are short of quality in several areas, all of that, and having two 36 year old former Premier League left backs is a bit strange, and we have some key injuries (one of which we should have known was at least a possibility) but the squad looks big enough to me.
No argument from me if you want to say it has been badly put together, but it surely isn’t “tiny”. Just a bit poor.


That defensive line up is a shocker :man_facepalming:

It isn’t too bad if you play them all at the same time. :crazy_face:

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Fair point @JumboTrudgeon but needs two more additions. Two more additions, I wouldn’t make one more point about it for rest of season. However, as Rob says, the unbalance is incredulous and to our complete and utter disadvantage. As the league table already shows, ten games in.

I did say this preseason when people wondered why I was not impressed by signing players in positions we don’t need.

There’s no way we can’t afford a full squad, we’ve just put a terribly unbalanced one together. The depth looks good there, but you’ve had to put midfielders up front and include 7 central midfielders in the midfield bit to make it appear that way. To me it looks more like:

Rose, Rushworth

White, Menayese, Monthe, Taylor, Ward, Leak, Mills (we shouldn’t have to be including coaches).

Earing, Bates, Labadie, Perry, Kinsella, Osadebe (I’ll be amazed if Holden has any impact this season), Kiernan, Wilkinson, Phillips, Shade,


That’s where the problem is

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