Squid age

I’m trying to work out how old my pet squid is. He was already half grown when I had him so I’m not sure of his age. Anyone know if there is a way, such as counting the rings with trees?

Thank you muchly.

Dont know about squid, but experts told my granddaughter they could not tell the age of her old tortoise. Apparently the shell did not give the answer.

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Not sure but I know that if you get 2 that look the same they are itenticle.


Battered and deep fried then it won’t matter :squid:

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You are cruel and heartless.

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Reminds me of a really old joke. Punchline was “Here’s that sick squid I owe you.”

Nah, that sounds a bit fishy to me …

something in the water

I’m not getting suckered in to another punny thread.

When it gets to big you could take it back and ask … can you change a squid please ?

to the response of …i’ve got two fiftys mate if that’s any good to ya

Slice it up and then count the rings - exactly like trees. :smiley:

Don’t squeeze it tightly when you take it out in your car - remember, never ink and drive!