Starting an atmosphere

Brilliant today , Cook and Ferrier look a hand full already , and if the truth be known are’nt even fully match fit yet .
Great atmosphere as well , we can generate a noisy crowd when the team are producing , long may it continue

Nice to see player’s giving their all and throwing their bodies in the the way to block shot’s , looking like they want to give their all for the team
Those that want to sing and really get behind the team i suggest you start getting your ticket’s for behind the goals in the lower stand or the upper middle , it will expand take my word for it
People on here saying they are being looked at funny cause they get up and start singing and feeling isolated well get behind the goal’s and get every one together who want to be vocal and support and encourage the team to succeed , it’s brilliant when we start


Seconded. At times today the atmosphere was electric - largely in part due to the effort and commitment of the team and management. Past and present players and management have said how much a difference a positive atmosphere can have - Leahy even alluded to it in his post match interview today. Let’s unite together and play our part - let’s get block 3 and 4 rocking.


Yes it was like old times today…I even got the rest of the old folks having a shout…mind you its hard work!!!


I always got some strange looks for getting to animated in the blue rinse stand :neutral_face: maybe i retired there to early in my fan career :joy:

That’s what i mean chunkster we all need to get together behind the goal and let the good vibe expand outward’s , not scattered about with half a dozen singing here and there


You need something to cheer about as well.There 30,000 at Wembley, but because there was nothing to cheer about there may as well have been the normal 4,000.

Like I said , when they do produce a good team effort and throw their bodies on the line and show they want to play for the team then we’ll show our support for them by vocally backing them.
It comes hand in hand doesn’t it
They must feel better when we’re getting behind them rather than on their backs

I thought the atmosphere was pleasant and enjoyable Saturday. Much better than usual but not exactly electric (Maybe electric by our poor standards).
For me there are 3 reasons why the atmosphere was better Saturday …

  • Pace. Pace excites fans. It gets us off our seats. Nothing is aimless. We try to get it to our pacey players for them to create and cause problems.

  • Keates. We ALL want him to succeed. The fanbase isn’t divided.

  • Players putting everything on the line. There were so many blocks and last ditch challenges. Again, it gets you off your seat!

Long may it continue!


Spot on.

So you know what I like most, our first instinct isn’t to hoof the ball up field to Cook - BUT we know that it is an option which we can use.

I hope Keates can work on Leahy, I do want him to succeed, but his positioning needs to be looked at.

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