Any know what happened with a steward and a fan near the end of the match? Saw the steward take his coat off and looking ready for a fight before being dragged away by another steward,

I don’t know but that was insane. The bloke took his jacket off as if to say “f*** my job, I’m going to beat the shit out of him” :joy: don’t know what was said.


I saw him throw at least 2 punches

I didn’t see what caused it, but he was offering out someone who was standing by the pitch. Then disappeared inside an exit in the family stand, and and a conga line of other stewards followed him :rofl:

Where this at the back of the away end?

Behind the goal, when their player went down in the box then was subbed off and had to walk in front of the Walsall fans.

Disgusting behavior from the chap if he can’t keep his composure and discipline he shouldn’t be a steward

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You’ve literally no idea what happened, neither do most it seems.


Steward with a bad attitude, now that’s unusual to see at a footy game :rofl::rofl:. Sacked in the morning, he’s getting sacked in the morning

Really bizarre. Seeing the steward take his jacket off and throw it to the floor was unbelievable :joy::joy:


I don’t think he’ll be on the retained list for next season.


Hope his name is Josh Gordon

God yeah. There are a few I’d love to see rip their shirt off throw it on the floor and say I’m never going to play again.

No 1 would of course be hapless Doug

Followed closely by Burtons 5th choice striker Josh Gordon.

Heard a female fan was hit in the commotion

I did see a woman involved, but she seemed to be going at the Steward with the bigger fella.