Stoke City (H) Sat 14th July, 3pm

Our second pre-season friendly, following the visit to Dales Lane. At this stage the first team selection can’t be predicted with any accuracy, but at least it will be the first chance to see how our new strike force shapes up against what should be fairly robust opposition in the form of our Clayhead friends…

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Anybody going tomorrow??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

not me mate even the thrill of having hot water can’t persuade me :roll_eyes:

According to the Excuse and Spar, our goalscoring trialist (at Rushall) has had his trial extended and will feature against Sjoke and the Vile…

I am not going as I feel friendlies are generally a waste of time and money however after seen the first and second half teams it makes you realise how small the potential first team squad is…signings urgently required me thinks.

Seeing the teams listed makes me think not renewing my season ticket was the right choice.

I’ts 2-0 to stoke after 4 mins :hushed:

Good to see the defence is sorted ready for the season :smile:

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Meh two lads that have turned out for Barcelona score past us. Colour me surprised.

I’ll wait until we have a full team to come to any conclusions. Deano does need to stop farting around with his old mates and non league wonders though and actually bring in the players we need now.

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Kory Roberts is down and being treated. Looks like a bad injury to his leg. Played very well today as well looking composed on the ball.

Gutted for Kory. Hope he gets well soon. Definitely need two centre backs now…

Agents will be increasing the wage demands for their clients even more now with the club desperate the centre-backs.

Keates is saying it could be both tibia and fibula. It was an almighty crack when they collided and he went down straight away.

If that is the case it is a really big blow to us…we now need 3 centre backs to give us cover for the season. This may also affect other areas of the team in that we may not have the budget to enable us to sign the quality we need. Anyway best wishes to Kory…lets hope it is not as bad as feared but I am sure all fans wish you well young man.

The extent of the Kory injury overshadowed everything else. Feel for the lad terrible injury to sustain. From the reactions of everyone looked a bad 'un.

Awful news about Kory. Hope it isn’t as bad as everyone who was there say it looks.

Whilst pretty meaningless, the two friendlies we have had so far sound worrying. In the hierarchy of things we should be far closer to matching Stoke than Rushall Olympic are to matching us. Sounds like Stoke were on a different planet Rushall wasn’t a bad match in every sense.

Rowett spoke to the press after the game and said he’ll be contacting the club to see if Stoke can help out in anyway - said we’re a very good club who he’d like to make links with. Do they have any young, promising centre halves the could lend us for the season?

Wishing Kory all the best - Edwards went onto the pitch with the medical staff from both teams to offer moral support.

We used 25 players in the rushall game with roll on roll off subs. I’m not sure you can read anything at all into that game to be honest and really not sure how you can compare it to this.

As for this one as I said elsewhere, two ex Barca players scored past us. Not sure what people expected other than that. Especially with what is clearly an incomplete squad.

Was at game and everything overshadowed by injury to Kory could not understand why game not stopped straight away even though we are all deaf in oap stand several of us heard the crack so the ref and players must have heard it.Disgusted with stoke player who kicked ball at Korys head to get corner while he was lying in pain on ground.

scum bag clayheads :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: