Street enders trip away

On a number of social media sites there seems to be growing interest on having a “Street Enders” get together at Blackpool away in February.
Although some are dead and most of the rest of us are pushing 60 and above it would be a great day out to catch up and swap a few old memories. There is even talk of producing a special tee shirt for the occasion.
Although it would be like an OAP day out, it looks like it may happen


A great idea

LIke it. Like the idea of the T shirt too. :+1:

I’ll be there il be 64 lol

what about a trip for those who stood on the banks of the arboretum watching the saddlers in their chuckery home… feel this is slightly ageist and will be putting in a formal complaint.

Sounds like a great idea loads of happy memories with the brownhills crew

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I was with the Brownhills crew :grin: there was me peter bayliss, gary day tubby meddings, roger hall.

Tonka finny and me Kev H

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Tonka pulled up outside our house last week for a chat lol, he has built a couple of houses down the ogley road next to the club, we were talking about micky finn and some of the tales he used to come out with :rofl: like the time he took on a group of sheffield united fans at the game we sent em down, and chased them off :thinking::rofl:

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Good Times especially Chesterfield away in the miners club think I got wasted lol

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You couldn’t have a mate called “Tubby” these days. Imagine the offence caused :rofl::rofl:

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was that the game where that copper with the port wine birthmark on his face kept on letting his dog bite us as we was trying to walk past? :rofl:

He still goes by the name tubby, no snowflakes in our gang :rofl:

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I see tonka nearly every game home and away

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I am amazed at his recovery to be honest :+1:

Will Brian “Stevo” Stevens be there…our original agent provocateur …lol.

Whatever happened to Coxy?

Believe me, Brian Cox was the original agent provocateur.

I knocked about with finny for about 10 years but he just fell out of it during the zbonser struggle years - someone told me he went to support Leeds ?

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Part timer me. Always went with the same guys, always stood in the same spot. Me, Mic, Pete and Stan. I was a street ender, but not ‘crew’.