Strikers we should be targeting for next season

Not that long ago people were heaping praise on Gordon how fickle are football fans


Can I be exempt from that considering I told everybody he should be second choice and when everyone from Clarke to fans were using him as a scapegoat when injured I pointed out he wasn’t exactly pulling up trees before his injury?

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Not that long ago he deserved it :wink:

Josh is a second striker for me, with the right partner he’d get a load more goals (admittedly a low bar from this season), we just ask too much of him to lead the line IMO. Defo one of those players you can see leaving and going on to higher division stuff as a more than capable second fiddle striker.

I’ve said it before, but as a Che Adams-esque foil to a Danny Ings-esque top dog he’d be great, much in the same way that Wilson was the perfect foil for Killer.

What’s Junior doing these days? Surely he can get a dodgy passport and come back, Jesus loves Walsall



Still got that image in my head when he left us and signed for Derby County and scored against us and how he celebrated …■■■■■■

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Judas :rage:

S.Vestas and E.Glory

I remember it well as well!

As much as others may say otherwise I would keep Gordon as long as his wage demands are reasonable and we get an attacking coach in . Will never be prolific but Still youngish, with a good experienced player beside him and a pre season could come good next season.


He’s had three seasons with us now, so if you were to offer him a contract, how much longer would you wait for him to come good?

He’s scored 26 goals in 116 games and 6 of those goals have come from penalties.

He’s been back in the team now for 5 months and he’s scored 3 goals, 2 penalties.

If we want to improve, we need strikers that can score goals.


Gordon is clearly a confidence player. He had that spell (start of last season I think) when he was awful and it was put down to personal issues, and he bounced back strongly.

What we’re seeing right now is an out of sorts player badly lacking in confidence. Is it just about the football I wonder?

He showed enough, at times, under Keates to suggest to me that there is a really decent footballer there if nurtured correctly. Those who suggest otherwise easily forget that there was talk of him going to higher clubs for 6 figures. What we really need is a man manager like Dean Smith…my guess is he would have Gordon back to those levels.

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I think Gordon is at a real crossroads in his career. A bit similar to where Liam Kinsella was a couple of years ago. He really needs to nail down a definitive position. He’s not benefitted at all from being played here, there and everywhere.

Playing in the hole doesn’t suit him as he’s more of a battler than a creative type. He looked good out on the right last season but that was only when we had Adebayo up top that he could interchange with. Lavery doesn’t offer us that option. He’s probably best as the support striker in a two, making a nuisance of himself as his goals return ratio is nowhere near good enough to be the main man up there on his own