Summer Transfer Window: How did we do?

6, would have been 7 not sure about a couple.

Your sarcasm is out of this world my friend.
After last night, 4.5/10.
Think Oteh & Draper could and should tear most 4th Division defences to pieces, regrettably we have Sadler in charge so we will never know…

5.5/10. The couple of “Marquee” signings, canclled out by bang average squad fillers or unproven youth/loans.

Loan a young homegrown lad out for experience (which I was all for by the way) to loan a young talent in from the Prem 2 who “operated in Midfield” last season.

Draper looking a beast and a great asset (who isnt ours - fingers burnt in Jan?)

Average window - average final standings for me.

  1. I would add some players, not signing others, but as usual it’s the gaffer choices.

With the possible exception of RWB, we have at least 2 players who can fill every position without us feeling it is a disaster. And even at RWB, there are three players who have played there. Sadler will have noted the injury problems last season and has covered his bases.

Inevitably, not every player brought in will be outstanding, even at this level, but Stirk, Tierney, Johnson, Draper, Farquharson, Oteh look to be improvements on what we had before, Hussey, Smith, James-Taylor are decent enough and there is promise in the other signings.

Together with the best of our contracted players, most notably Evans, DD, Gordon, McEntee, Hutchinson and Knowles, we now have a balanced, decent team that will be able to compete in L2.

If every window is as positive as this, we are certainly moving in the right direction.


Totally agree with this post if we can keep extending the contracts of the top players at club and improve on what we have each summer we will definitely be heading in the right direction.