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Sunderland (A) FA Cup 2nd round replay, Tue 11th Dec 7.45pm


Has anyone got any coverage? TV or radio?


Try here



Any that make the trip are indeed very brave, a couple of hundred perhaps amongst probably 20K+ of baying Sunderland fans.
One UTS fan has predicted a Walsall win in the 90 minutes!
Whatever you are on mate is making your mind somewhat clouded!
Can we all have some please?


Your wish appears to be granted … :wink:


150 max I’d say


Blocked after the preview.
(OK now - using VPN.)


All ok for me. Got Radio WM on. They normally block it but must be ok for the cup.




Sunderland yellow card, 10 minutes …

Cashed out my “less than 2.5 goals” bet for a profit of 14% :slight_smile:


I was blocked because I wasn’t in the UK. Now that I am, it’s fine.


We are arguably the better team so far


Yeah game will have to be replayed from the start at later day.

Interestingly in Spain and few other euro leagues it’s different. If game is abandoned at 75 minute mark they just play the last 15 minutes when they re-arranged game starts.

Anyway sounds a decent start, only 6k watching apparently so Sunderland probably not that bothered with hardly anyone there.


I listened to the preview on BBC Newcastle, and they seemed to be more concerned about the Checkatrade than the FA Cup.


BBC says “hosts second best so far. Kieron Morris shot finds the side netting”

Elsewhere, Wrexham down to 10 men after a red card at Newport

Peterborough 0-2 up already at Bradford City (Edit … now 1-2)

Sunderland have their 4th or 5th corner, 22 min


Enjoying counting the red and white empty seats?:wink:


Can you not get WM on freeview Welsh? You might be out of region but it’s on 722 anyway.


I’ve given up at 23,042


Not a chance - in this part of South Wales even Freeview is rubbish!!


It’s on the internet. (See above.)


Oh dear. Thought you might’ve been by the border and maybe able to pick it up.