Sunderland (H) 24th November, 15:00


Got a couple of quid on us to win 3-2 at 33/1

Head says we’ll be outclassed though and lose 2 or 3 nil


0-2, in front of around 8,000.


Think we’ll lose comfortably two or three nil as our defence is still bad but isn’t getting bailed out of trouble as much by goals at the other end.

But still, part of me is thinking we play better infront of bigger crowds at home and on our day, we can cause an upset. One thing is for certain though, we can’t afford an off day or a slow start like Burton or it’ll be four or five.


Sunderland get £34m in parachute payments this season.

We should get a two goal start.

If we did, I’d go 2-2 in front of 8,238.


Their parachute is at least 10 times more expensive than our plane!


Stop spreading news like that PT, you know Uncle Jeff has a heart condition, or perhaps that’s why you mentioned it?


■■■■ easy 3 nil home win against these no marks.


  • 1Roberts
  • 6Devlin
  • 34Martin
  • 5Guthrie
  • 3Leahy
  • 10Ismail
  • 4Dobson
  • 15Kinsella
  • 11Ginnelly
  • 9Cook
  • 29Gordon


  • 8Morris
  • 13Dunn
  • 16Ferrier
  • 27Fitzwater
  • 28Wilson
  • 30Osbourne
  • 31Ronan


University of Stirling 0 Elgin City 2 (Brian Cameron 14’)


0-9 for corners already


Shades of Burton so far.


The game is among the 3pm kick offs on the dodgy box if anybody has one…:wink:


Think the Queen song “Under Pressure” comes to mind.


Red card for Sunderland?


Dover Athletic 1 (Gormless 20’) Hartlepool United 0


Max Power


We MUST have got out of our own half at least once, cus we’ve had a shot!
Only 9 corners to 'em so far, losers aye they!


Got a link?


Sorry pal I’m not the most tech savvy, but if I’ve found it anyone can :joy::joy:


Morris replaces Ismail who has picked up a knock