Sunderland (H) 24th November, 15:00


Are you watching it on the internet?


Cook header disallowed for offside


I can’t find it on the internet.


Me either


Dobson hits the post having rounded the keeper. Sounds like we’re giving it a good go


I follow but through an android box


google gives links via youtube, but the site this links to requires registration for the stream (which I never do giving the nature of most sites like this)


3 great chances. Great effort from the team for me. I’d still take a draw though.

Full Back watch: Leahy and Devlin have each produced great opportunities with dangerous balls in that weren’t converted.


Seems that Sunderland down to 10 men has leveled things of a bit. 0-0 half time. Can Walsall make the extra man count in the second half.


1-0 Flash Gordon. Get in there





Cooks pass out wide made that goal, also excellent from Devlin and Gordon.


I’ve slated Gino lately :flushed:


Ginnelly screamer 2-0 get in there lads


This is going to set up one hell of an FA Cup tie.




Absolute screamer!! Get in!!


Wow sounds like the red card completely changed the flow of this game but we’ll take this certainly!


I felt we were just getting back into it until the red card but they were in full control. A draw would have been an excellent result after that start.


2-1. Aidan Mcgeady.