Sunderland (H) F.A. Cup 2nd round, 1st Dec 3pm


We could just throw in a few confusing predictions here.

I’ll go for Walsall Swifts 4 Black Cats 1.


A surprisingly routine Super Saddlers 2 Wearysiders 0.
Sunderland fans to go mental and invade the pitch after winning the toss.
Max Power to be given a Christmas card by the ref after decaputating Swifty.
Ref to appear in full Sunderland kit after half time - Sunderland fans continue to insist he is a homer when he forgets to kiss the badge.
Honeyman to go full Souness with a stick-on comedy tache.
Announcer claims that all north-east trains have been cancelled until further notice “for a laugh”.


Before we played them last week I felt this was the game we were the more likely to win. I genuinely thought we’d get a pasting and then they’d either take their eye off the ball, or make wholesale changes.

Given how it went down last week with the sending off, the Ginnelly celebration in front of their fans, the niggles and battles throughout the game, I can see them really coming out and wanting to put us to bed


Are and they voted out…


Looking forward to today’s game would be great to be in the hat for the 3rd round . Just hope win ,lose or draw the lads are up for it and put in a performance full of grit ,determination and effort.That’s all I ask for UTS


Had an interesting bit of banter last week with the two Mackems I work with. Interestingly one of them said “Don’t really care about the F A Cup - just want to get out of this league!”

Let’s hope that we can help them with that.


The other one said “I was expecting you to have a real go at me but thank God we fought back” (That wasn’t the exact phrase he used but you get my drift).

Let’s hope I can tear him a new one on Monday.



Commentary on BBC 5 live sports extra and BBC Newcastle.

I was able to listen to the Coventry game by clicking through the BBC sport website and using VPN. Hopefully it will work again.

Saddlers to go through…


Much better day here than when I set off, so in line with the sunshine I’ll go for a 2-1 win


Conor Johnson? What’s that about?

Looks like 4-3-3 as well. Spicy.


Starting line-up against Sunderland…





Substitutes:- Dunn, Edwards. Morris, Ginnelly, Kouhyar, Parker, Ronan

Max Power starts for the Black Cats…


Didn’t expect to see Edwards back so soon…:grinning::+1:


Where are Martin and Fitzwater?


Martin is ill and Fitzwater is unable to play because of his loan agreement.


Walsall yellow card, 34 minutes … (Andy Cook)


Can we have a kick please? Going the way that most expected.


And there’s the first goal … Saddlers 0 Black Cats 1 (36 min) :frowning:


It was even up to the goal. Try ■■■■■■■ going for once.


Way too weak from Guthrie but watch the full backs get blamed.


Almost half-time, and despite what looks like an attacking 4-3-3 formation, the number of Saddlers’ attempts on target is a big fat ZERO…


I imagine ancient is going on the match stats which show it being a bit one sided. Listening on the wireless it seems that Sunderland were just stepping it up a bit before they scored