Sunderland (H) F.A. Cup 2nd round, 1st Dec 3pm


What? even, 1 shot not on target, against 7 shots, 5 on target and 64% /36% possession…,what planet are you on?
Get a grip for a change, we are, regrettably, in a different class.
Even before the goal.
I would love to go to a match for a change, but when you can’t, you can’t.


Well Sound_Out (irritating that is it not?) I am following on BBC, plus many others on my phone, non of which are exactly putting us much in the frame, perhaps they are all at different matches and just guessing?


Them stats dow look good :roll_eyes:


The supporting commentator on the BBC feed is a bona fide moron.


Because stats don’t tell a whole story. A lot of their shots were from distance and blocked. You don’t see that on a teletext screen. They had more of the ball but possession doesn’t mean dominance. Think Roberts was tested once and that was from a deflection.

Cookie was inches from a diving header minutes into the game that would have been a certain goal and generally we have worked our chances. We also went close twice on the stroke of half time, but whatever mate. Keep criticising from afar with zero context to your stats. Maybe one day you’ll bother watching


Ha ha

We all know I ay sound out and we all know that yowm Ancient :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hard work listening to this on 5 Live Extra/BBC Newcastle. Very hard to judge how we are doing as the commentary team are so half-arsed when we attack its difficult to tell.

No idea who the summariser is but he must be an ex-Sunderland player as he’s a right entitled so-and-so. I just hope we can turn the game round and shut his trap.


How wrong you are, someday AM will come back, and you will all be eating humble pie, but keep up the unimaginative spiel.


We stepped it up in the 46th minute…and dow forget the Cook diving header (unfortunately without the ball) which would have been a certain goal…


I don’t think the BBC count blocked shots: correct me if I’m wrong. Also, what counts as a blocked shot? Does it depend how far it’s travelled or something before it gets stopped/deflected? After all, you wouldn’t count a 15 yard shot that was cleared off the line a “blocked shot” - - would you?


No. I’m ancient.
No you’re not. I’m Ancient.
I’m Ancient
etc etc


Early substitutes might be a good idea… nothing to lose at this stage.

Speaking of substitutes, I notice that Sunderland have only named 6. They must consider this game not tricky enough to put out a full squad…


It’s Gary Bennett, a former “red and white legend”.


Sunderland yellow card, 49 minutes… (Matthews, full back, handball)


He seems annoyed that Sunderland can’t just play Sunderland so he can talk about Sunderland.


What do the stats say about that?


GAME ON !!! Walsall equalise, 54 min (Andy Cook) Nicky Devlin (useless full back) with the assist.


Howay the Cook!


They brought on Oviedo before kick off. Someone injured in the warm up. Could that be why?


Now we HAVE to go on to win this, not many would be brave enough to gird their loins for a visit to Sunderland!
Come on you reds, let them av it!