Superb effort by Josh

Many will know Josh as a proper Saddler. First time i met him he was with me and @Blazing_Saddler in Spoons at Rochdale (i think) hammered on supermarket lager by 9.30 :grinning:. A superb effort by him walking to all west mids grounds yesterday to raise money for cancer research in memory of recently passed and much missed Saddler Mark Rainer. Getting towards 900 raised, lets give it a boost to over a grand. Fantastic effort young man :sparkling_heart:

Once again the Walsall family goes above and beyond :sparkling_heart:


Josh used to post on here as “Brummie Saddler” didn’t he Belg?

A case in point that some Brummies are alright. :wink:

Great effort from Josh.

We’re a good bunch.

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Yup. Not sure if he is still on here but a fantastic effort and a top lad :clap: :sparkling_heart:

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Indeed. Stood with him at a few aways. One drunken night in Stevenage comes to mind. Think you’d had a couple that night too😀.

Think we lost 2-1. Barrowman for us?

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Had a few? :thinking: possibly :grinning:. Main Stevenage away i remember (vaguely) was a dull 0-0 with @Blazing_Saddler on a Tuesday night. A Stevenage fan tried to explain to a mullered Mark that “we should be beating teams like Walsall”. A quite lively conversation insued. It was one of the best We are Walsall rants ive ever heard and i agreed with every word :grinning:

The dickheads mate was a mute, we got more sense out of him to be fair.

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You must have been pissed, we lost.


Well done Josh!

Superb from Josh. So proud of him.

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Maximum respect :fist:

Over a grand now, hopefully it can get bumped up towards £1500. Magnificent effort

I’m pretty sure it was nil nil… hence that pillocks comment that we overheard about “we should be beating teams like Walsall” that prompted your epic We are Walsall rant :wink: :rofl:. I’m sure that ive also been there with you when we’ve lost… mind you we could say that about a lot of grounds. Its the Walsall way

One for the History Boys. Which away ground have we lost least at?

Got to be the Keepmoat surely? We’ve visited 7 times and won 6 of them

Tottenham Hotspur

Millennium Stadium

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Presumably one we’ve never or rarely played at

Vile Park?

Well done Josh :clap:

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Is this a loss percentage question or a frequency one?

I had a cracking record at Millmoor. Saw us 4 times there and won every one.

Wigan - must have done 15 times between their two grounds - never seen us win.

We lost, can’t remember if it was 2-1 or 3-1, think it was 3-1. I’ve only been once, it was a night game when I came and stayed at your place in London.

No idea why the bloke was on about “we should be beating Walsall” but he wasn’t the full ticket, he’d supported Luton and Arsenal and about 5 other clubs before. He deserved the rant though.

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