Support for Brian Halford, former Walsall FC reporter

Many Saddlers will recall Brian Halford, once of the Birmingham Mail. His coverage of Walsall FC was always fair, insightful, honest and witty. He didn’t shy from calling it as he saw it, I recall one run-in he had at the training ground after scoring Julian Gray a lowly 4 in the paper. A true gent, and genuine man. Not many like him in the sports journalism world.

Anyway, he has recently suffered a bereavement, and has called on anyone enjoying his work at any time, to consider supporting a charity close to his heart.

He puts it much better himself here:

And here:

I’ve also discovered you can make easy online contributions to the Aylesford Unit here:

Saves the bother of dusting off your chequebooks, if you still have one.

Hope there’s a few Saddlers’ Fans that fondly recall Brian’s excellent work who are in a position to support him at this difficult time.