Swindon passport

Just a heads up to those travelling

Hearing that it may. Be that a covid passport will be needed to be shown to gain entry to ground on sat.


Seems to be some confusion if it’s based on capacity or attendance now mate

From what I’ve heard the number in attendance. Is expected to exceed 10 000

And a covid passport will be a condition of entry based on the numbers present

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Club where aware on Monday that this may be the case and have been seeking clarification since. From there Swindon counterparts.

And wfc would then issue. A statement to our fans as soon as Swindon confirm this to be the case. , it was discussed at this weeks working party meeting


It’s Obviously based on attendance the only confusion is the people that seem to be easily confused confusing everybody else.
Some football clubs play in 15,000- 25,000 capacity grounds but get 3-4,000 fans they obviously won’t have to show passports will they.

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It is based on attendance not capacity, so it only poses a problem (in whether to restrict capacity or implement the passes) for clubs that get roughly 10,000 through the gates regularly like Luton, Rotherham and Bournemouth. :upside_down_face:


I’d say the expected increased attendance this week will be linked with some sort of offer

Ie those in attendance can get a ticket for Man City at home. Hence a bumper crowd expected this Saturday

It doesn’t help with the confusion around attendance or capacity when the BBC has this line in their piece about Covid passports at sports events…

A ‘Covid pass’ will also be required at all Championship games in England from 15-19 December, as well as seven of the 12 League One games and six of the 12 League Two games this week.

…as there clearly wont be 6 League Two games this weekend with an attendance over 10,000.

Interestingly it also says…

some clubs such as Carlisle are capping their capacities at 9,999 - meaning no mandatory requirement for any covid certification or for fans to wear masks.

…maybe we should do that too :grinning:

We don’t need to cap the capacity at 9,999 though do we 🤦 when will we ever get close to that unless we get into the play offs and by then all these restrictions will be hopefully finished.
If we’d have beaten Swindon in the fa cup and got the Man city game then capping the capacity for that game would have been a very good idea.

Wouldn’t that have been a lovely problem to have :thinking: shame we lost,what an occasion and money spinner that would have been.

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Tickets-Passport-Money dont forget


They don’t want a cup run to interfere with there. Major aim of the season mate

Pity they aim no higher than survival each year

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Man City 7 Leeds 0 think we’ve had a lucky escape

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We could have been in the record books :grin:

Leigh is working on making a humungus profit of £ 24,253 and all the other clubs in Leagues 1 & 2 going bust and we get shuttled up to the Championship by default

I am getting fed up of reading about all these clubs going to the wall

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The weather looks fair in that picture. Just right for the extra 4000 that will turn up to watch Manchester C’s next cup opponent.

I’d go if it looked like that

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Was there a craft beer pop up pub in the corner i missed? :grin: :wink:

No but Belphies Belgian beer Café is just round the corner😃