Swindon v Walsall 81-82

Found this from the year we survived relegation courtesy of Swindon losing their last game at Newport, days after we’d played our last game (0-0 v Doncaster) and thought for sure we’d be relegated! The game between the two sides in March. Incredibly Swindon came to Walsall top of the league for the home fixture, which we won 5-0, and we were top of the league as late as January…and then went on a monumental win-less streak, which this game should have ended, but for the Buck’s last kick penalty failure.

Just for those who like seeing Buckley, Penn, Caswell etc. rolling around in the mud.


Loved our kits that season.

Nice find Geordie. Not TheBuck’s finest evening. The header was as bad as the pen, but must have been hard being the manager of a side in free fall and also the centre forward who’s goals were expected to dig them out.

I remember the 5-0 at our place. I recall a Mark Rees cross going in. Think it rained that night too, with Swindon fans competing with the barking police dogs under the wonderfully rusting double apexed roof on the popular side.

I don’t think Buckley was manager at the time. He’d been joint manager with Neil martin at the start of the season - and during that 5-0. Martin claimed the arrangement wasn’t working and Wheldon agreed and demoted Buck back to player. I think that’s when the freefall started. Buckley was reappointed in the summer, and the rest is history. Wheldon wasn’t all that successful with his managers (Ashman, Sibley-even Mackay was an anti-climax) but that reappointment -greeted with scepticism-turned out to be a masterstroke.

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Didn’t we beat them 5-0 away at roughly the same period?