Having followed the Saddlers for more than 50 years and attending every game except the Plymouth one I would like to offer my opinion on tactics.
I think that we have a good defence at this level, with Scarr, Jules, Saddler and Clarke being easily up to this level. Roberts is improving and will do fine this season. However we continue to play what is effectively a 6-2-2 formation ,particularly when Liddle plays in “Midfield”. The strikers are getting no support, whereas the defence is getting all of the support with one or two of the midfield selections playing just in front of the defence, which tightens things up but produces nothing at the other end of the pitch. We should be good enough with this squad of players to play a more adventurous 4-3-3 with Geffeney, Lavery and either Gordon or Adebayo as the front three. Their are many very poor sides in Division 2 and we should be going for the throat rather than playing very safe. We have the players to hurt most teams in this Division if only the shackles are took off.

Tell that to the idiot in charge


It is obvious DC does not think we are good enough all over as is just trying to shore things up at the back, not by quality, but by sheer numbers until something miraculously clicks, or he signs someone, or that thing happens that so many on here keep referring to and using as an excuse, “we gel”
A lot, if not all other teams have had change to varying levels besides us and they have seemed to have “gelled” ok.
I think DC could and should be great for us but is finding even his powers of persuasion and contacts are not enough to convince people to join in on his WFC project.
I remain ever hopeful.

Firstly can I say how impressed I am that you’ve only missed one game against Plymouth in 50 Years … wow :smirk::wink:

Only kidding …

Yes we are so lightweight up front , don’t think it is the players as much as the attacking tactics / or lack of we are playing .

Would like to see us , especially at home go for the jugular and have a really good go at a team ( Bradford saturday would be good ) and see if we put teams on the back foot , because we are so predictable at the moment .

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What do you think the reaction would be if we really went for it and lost 4-3 ?

“What do you think the reaction would be if we really went for it and lost 4-3 ?”

At least it would be entertaining. We ain’t exactly had fans on the edge of their seats in our 12 hours of football so far this season.

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The only thing we have had fans on the edge of so far is insomnia were at home lets go for it points away are fine if you win at home.i

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Positive I think…once you’re scoring goals it’s easier to tinker with the team in my opinion.


We would celebrate as if we had won the cup!
Three goals from this lot? dream on.