Taylor out?

Is this too early?
Club is no better than last year and worse than Clarke’s first year
Horrid team building and I know he is not experienced but he doesn’t seem to have it as a manager
So many poor players, formation stubbornness , players who are incredibly unfit and poor substitutes.
I feel for him but I just don’t think he has it yet to be a league 2 manager. Hopefully he proves me wrong
Thoughts? Get someone experienced in rather than replying on ‘potential ‘ again?

In many respects the Club is worse.

Pomlett and Fullarton are more to blame


I agree to an extent but unfortunately the damage is done for this year and I’m actually worried for our league position.
Taylor has yet to show me any good management yet though, guy doesn’t know how to turn a game around for the better and hasn’t done anything yet mid game to change a game except make it worse. I just don’t think he is a league manager yet

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Way too early, key players missing, others subsequently getting injured.

Also LP would make himself look rather more stupid sacking him now after giving it the big un’.

For me he needs 2 seasons, once we get Kinsella, Wilkinson and Holden back we will be just fine.


Not being funny if Holden ain’t fit by December then he needs to be let go of his contract… anyway fans need to realise how many managers we have had that have done fcuk all… it can’t always be the managers it’s the piss poor budget and half a million pound a year for the rent… this club is only going 1 way… wish I hadn’t purchased a season ticket now


Fullarton is a fraud, no more a Director of football than I am, hasn’t got a clue about player recruitment, that is obvious. Matty Taylor, likeable bloke but completely out of his depth.
To avoid almost certain relegation, (our squad IS the worst in the 4th Division) we HAVE to replace Taylor with a ‘wise old head’ NOW before it is too late.


Agree, the guy is still picking up a salary, it ain’t his fault, but everyone believes that he will change everything, he won’t be back, crocked.

Taylor is not the problem, it’s the recruitment.

The club is ran by a fraud.


I think it’s about time Fullerton came out of hiding and faced us, I’m sure we all have alot of questions for him and his decision making so far.


Surely the only out that needs to be said should be directed at out USELESS board of directors?

These people are cretins and don’t care about the club.

Pomlett is a puppet and there is no actual change since Bonser allegedly ‘left’.



Taylor In.


Agree, poor bloke has been dealt a load of shit!

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Said all along Bonser still runs the show via his puppets, no decisions can be made without the say so of ‘the boss’, regardless of Pomlett’s assurances.


For me still in, but probably need to rethink some basics. It looks like the main player was Holden, who is more injured than not. But till winter transfer window, manager hands are tied.

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I want Taylor to succeed more than any other manager we’ve had in recent years but I’m getting the impression he’s all talk just like LP.

LP and Fullerton are certainly more to blame though

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Port Vale are 4th.

Maybe… it’s those morons who run the club that are the problem?

Today was on MT though. Negative poor management l.


I said this all along, DC was a dick but he was just managing under the same restrictions.

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This is way worse than anything DC served up.

Where is this promised attractive football?


Have you lot not realised yet :joy: played