Teams Quiz

While we are waiting for the new manager, how about a quiz:

What do the members of this team have in common?


Fraser, Baird, Smith, Statham

Pritchard, Merson, Sonner, Daley,

Clarke, Roberts

All ex Walsall players

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Er, yes but…

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International players?

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They are all internationals. Smith is Trevor of that ilk, not Dean.

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Nothing to with being one side or another of the law?

All played in cup finals?

No one there yet.

Could Charlie Ntmark be eligible for that team?

Steve Daley or Tony Daley?

Have they all got an ‘e’ in their names apart from Smith, Statham and Pritchard?


No, not in the team

One or the other

That is true but not the reason.

And while you are thinking, here is another one (and yes, Andy, they all played for the Saddlers)

Purkiss (sort of), Jones, Butler, Sadler
Hall, Keates, O’Connor, Taylor,
Buckley, Wright,

More than one spell?

Well that’s helpful :rofl:

More than that, they are all home internationals - England, Wales, Scotland & NI (so Charlie Tarmac wouldn’t count).

Derek Statham and Paul Merson were both known to like a drink (when Statham joined us from the bag ladies it was rumoured that we made a profit on the deal by taking back all his empties … :beer:)


Yes, got it in one. Interestingly, defenders rarely come back but attacking players do. Butler, Ricketts and so on.

Is it “name a dream 11”?