Thank You Bonser

For killing this club.

Cannot do this anymore, won’t be returning until hes gone.


Bonser out.

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If another 1500-2000 take the same view, he will be.

How so?

By starving him of revenue. He needs the football club to guarantee the rent. I don’t believe he could cream off 400k a year without it.

Maybe you’re right, maybe you’re wrong. It’ll get paid ahead of anything else.

I bet The Venue makes enough to cover the rent.
The club is just a sideshow.


I’ve been absent many times this season and at times feel bad about it but at this stage, I think that’s me done until the protests begin - is there a plan and if so what it is??

He will almost certainly remain if the gates drop and I agree it won’t be that alone that moves him or provokes change - don’t forget he’s got a very large PF to support many years of continued residence as owner…

We need action and soon otherwise we might as well just wrap it up and stop throwing our hard earned at this lost cause. No enjoyment, nothing to be enthusiastic about and no value for money - what’s the bloody point of going to games???

I see it a little differently. The club/freehold is worth several million in capital in addition to the rent.
The proceeds from the football activities help to cover the fixed costs of the club as well as providing income from transfers etc, all of which contributed to the rent and the upkeep of the stadium, which in turn provides the commercial income.

If the football revenue decreases then it will impact on everything else, including the overall resale value of the whole enterprise.

Trust me he would find a way :wink:

Except it will be restructured so that the cuts are made to the playing side whilst the infrastructure still receives what it needs.

I agree, but that will only work for so long. If we want rid, it’s going to be a long road unfortunately, which may result in dropping a couple of divisions.

I think we’re down to the bare bones of fans now.
The fact of the matter is a large proportion of the fans that are still going will continue to go regardless of Bonser. This idea of starving him out is simply not going to happen.

A dangerous tactic. Take a look at York, Stockport, chesterfield, Torquay. There’s no easy route back and the top teams in the conference are paying more than we do.


I don’t disagree with that but still maintain that unless it happens he will continue to suck the blood out of the club.

Look at Blackpool. On a different scale of abuse yet people still turn up to support the club - crazy.

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It may happen anyway by natural selection.

Well I am going to continue going. I have been going since 1959 and I ain’t stopping now. JB or anyone won’t stop me. Walsall,for all its faults, is my town and the team are my team. There are probably around another 2,500 like me who were there during the bleakest of times in the early nineties and will be there whatever.
We need change… we all know that and I hope those who wish to campaign to remove JB will have some idea how they convince someone else to invest in Walsall FC. The lower the “gates” go the more difficult it will be to find a new owner.


Good for you! Bonser will be delighted to hear it. As I said earlier, people (such as you) are still watching Blackpool and that is their choice, of course.

I think you overestimate 2.5k though. Some of those in the 90’s are either dead or dont go anymore - plenty on here / the old site spring to mind. Younger fans have far more to choose to do on a Saturday and there are less of them joining the ranks. They also don’t have the history that us older supporters do.

If we slipped into the conference or lower reaches of div 4 then more will vote with their feet and Bonser’s position will be untenable., even if you and others of your disposition continue to go.


I am never stopping going . It’s my club and it’s in my blood .


That’s exactly what they want you to think. Because it makes us feel like we don’t matter anyway.

Why do you think the only income item separated out in the accounts is Match day income? Because in and of itself it can’t cover the costs of the club.

But the venue income is hidden in Football and other revenues.

Without fans there is no sponsorship deals, without the fans there are no tv rights money. Without the fans there are no match day food and drink revenues.

It’s true they are not paying the whole of the wages with match day ticket sales. They are not paying it with ■■■■ pantos and evenings with Graeme Souness either.

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