Thank you, Liam Kinsella

Yep, proven to fall at the last hurdle. You’d hardly back a horse that does that, not sure why the word is used with regards to Flynn, unless it is proven that he can manage a league two team in a league two game of football. I guess there will be varying degrees of views on how successful he is at doing that.

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One of our own

I was always surprised he didn’t feature at RB in last few years.

He played games there in league one for Whitney and Keates and did o.k from defensive point of view.

Perhaps he wanted to carve out a regular position in central midfield from that point but interesting where he plays most weeks at his next club.

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I am more than a little sad to see Kins go. I do understand the logic though and it is probably good for Kins to move now somewhere else, but very much my heart rules my head on this.

We’ve had lots of heros and great players at times over the years but I can honestly say in my nearly 50 years watching Walsall, I’ve never seen any other player that has been more loyal and more committed to this football club than Kins.

I will not forget that over the previous couple of seasons Kins was the beating heart of the otherwise dead corpse of Walsall FC and I credit him as being a very big part of the reason we are still a football league club. I will never forget how he litterally gave, blood, sweat and tears at times trying to cover for sometimes the majority of the rest of the team when his team mates coward and hid.

I don’t think anyone could have played with more passion for this club if you’d have picked any one of us from the stands to play, because he is one of us.

Thank you Liam and I wish nothing but success and the very best for you where ever you end up.


We’ll, not for at least 19 years. I don’t think we - or possibly any other club - will ever see that again. Thank you, Liam: you were often an inspiration to other players and to fans. I hope you find a good berth and, indeed, carry on the great Walsall tradition of players doing great elsewhere after being shown the door at Bescot.