Thank you, Liam Kinsella

Deserves a special mention for his hard work dedication and loyalty.
Loyalty being especially rare in the modern age
Thank you and best of luck Liam kinsella


Yes wish he could have had a good send off at the last match doesnt seem fair to him he spilt blood for the cause and always gave 110%


Thanks and good luck Liam. I’m sure many of us will be keeping tabs on him.

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Been at the club for 19 years, i don’t think we’ll see that sort of service for a player at this club again for a long, long time.


We’ve probably released him to save on the cost of a testimonial :smiley:

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Kin kin kinsella.

Well done young man.

What a credit to his profession

All the very best


A great message from a great servant. Thank you Liam. Unfortunately though I think it is time for you to move on and I wish you well wherever you end up. The fans at that new Club will get a player who gives 100% every time he pulls on the shirt and who is one of the best destroyers in the lower divisions. Good luck Liam.


Any statto know where he stands on the all time appearances board?

The video today from MS says he’s a people person and likes to get to know the players personally and professionally. No problem with him being released, time for both club and player to explore different options.


Kins deserves so much more than a paragraph on release day. Pathetic

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All the very best for the future Liam, I’m sure another club will snap you up very soon.

I’ve put messages in other threads but all the best Kins and thank you for the great service you gave us.

He will be snapped up no doubt.

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All the best Liam, sad to see you go but good luck for the future.

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What else did you expect them to do? :joy:


Let him pour a bucket of shit over your head on the half way line before his final match for being nasty to him all these years?


Not nasty, just realistic…

Proven right in the end :wink:

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As was Thomas Edison :smile:

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Walsall F.C. - Wikipedia.

Wikipedia lists 23 players with over 300 appearances.

Jimmy Walker with 535 is the highest.

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All the very best, Liam. Thank you for your service and commitment.