That Thursday Night Thanks Chris

You have to watch this thanks for everything Boss


I can remember me and my brother excitedly travelling up on the coach to the game, eating the best meat and potato pie ever as we stood on the terrace waiting for the match to kick off. The team dug in brilliantly with Jimmy flying through the air and making that save, I’ll never forget the chorus of ’ we’ll meet again’…great times. Thanks Chris Nicholl.


Another here who substained a twisted ankle jumping over that stupid fence to celebrate on the pitch. Was in agony but the adrenaline of the moment had kicked in and the many beers before hand had helped ease the pain :joy:
I didn’t matter we had won promotion and I was so happy . Thanks for that memory Mr Nicholl RIP .


Seems there was a few injuries that night lol I cut my knee open, I remember the terrace being wooden but not alot about the game other than it being warm and there being thousands of us there - we took about 3k didn’t we? Scarborough was the Tuesday night was it that the results conspired to make Thursday night a goer for promotion with a point?

I think it was 4 thousand at Bury, they didn’t release away attendances in those days, and I am fairly sure it wasn’t all ticket, wouldn’t have been time to organise it from Tuesday to Thursday. So hard to put an exact figure on it.

Carslisle beat Chesterfield the same night we beat Scarborough, which left the door open for a draw to secure promotion, although only on goal difference, think we had 6 goals better goal difference than Chesterfield. (Chesterfield drew their last game in the end so it wasn’t on goal difference) What a lot of people forget is, that Bury still had an outside chance of automatic promotion if they had beat us.

I remember there being almost as much interest of the result of Chesterfield and Carlisle as our own game at Scarborough, fans gathered around a bloke with a small radio. Happy Days.


Remember it like it was yesterday i was 17 and its still one of my favourite nights if not the favourite following Walsall. I was also at Scarborough on the Tuesday night 2 days before this game not quite so many of us there as at Bury but i went everywhere back then to follow us Chris will always be a legend :blue_heart:


I went to tuesday night as well will never forget those 2 games at the end till this day I dont know how I got over that fence at bury lol


Wasn’t it an election night too?

I think the goal difference lead over Chesterfield was much more than 6. I think it was in double figures.

Great save from Jimmy and wonderful modesty from Chris Nicholl. Happy memories.

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cheers mate, I was only 13 then and my memory is bad enough anyway, although i remember listening to the Scarborough match on the radio at home. Yours is always great for the detail.

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You may be right about the goal difference, I think we scored a lot more than they did.

A very assured performance from young Jimmy Walker, who hardly played that season.

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I make mistakes, I remember things from many years back, but always willing to accept people come and put me right on certain things.

Yes, it was 10 in GD but we scored 13 more which was what counted.

A funny year with only 3 promoted but 5 relegated. Some teams dropped out I think.

Like I say mate better memory than me! Being in my early 40s i’ve been to every big game for the last 30 odd years, and most run of the mill ones too, I can remember who went and what pubs we were in and other detail apart from usually the match lol.

To be fair, I remember more about the days out than some of the games.

The Bury game, because it was made Thursday night at such short notice, we had no real plan about how we were getting there. I was working with my Dad at the time. We knocked off work at dinner time. I hadn’t passed my driving test, he didn’t want to drive. He phoned the Fullbrook up and spoke to one of the lads who said he was taking a minibus. Asked if there was any room “yeah plenty” So we got a lift to the Fullbrook. Turned out it wasn’t a minibus, it was a transit van, it also turned out that there were about 30 of us squeezed into the back! Not the most comfortable of journeys, it was hot and seemed to take forever to get there. There is bound to be someone who posts on here who was in the back of that van!

After a few beers in the pub, we managed to get a more comfortable lift home. Not that we would have cared cos we were on cloud 9.


Makes being a Walsall fan what it is nights like that i just hope the young kids following us now get to experience similar as all a lot will have seen is failure in there short lives so far that’s my hope anyway.

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Pretty certain it was 4000 of us there that night absolutely rammed and boiling hot :laughing:


I was pretty potless on the day in question as I got paid on a Thursday night in those days so it literally couldn’t have been worse with so little time to plan. Arrived in Newcastle to get the National Express over to Manchester so long as the bank manager leant me some money! Went in the Co -op bank as soon as it opened and demanded to see the manager back in the day when you could do that sort of thing. After I brow-beat him for about 20 minutes. He reluctantly gave me a £20 quid emergency overdraft, no doubt just to get rid of me.

Armed with my 20 note plus whatever shrapnel I had on me that was just enough to get beer and transport with one of my Walsall based mates lending me some dosh when I met him at Bury. Then disaster struck and I missed the bus by seconds, leaving me stranded for two hours before the next one. If I’d started drinking in city centre bars I wouldn’t have got very far so I blagged my way into a bar at Northumbria Uni and low and behold there was some happy hour type thing on. I think it was about 75p a pint or something. So whiled away the two hours without blowing more than a few quid, and really liked the vibe and the fact that there were loads of pretty women. So on that basis I made my mind up there and then to sign up to do a course there, and the following September I was there doing some poxy HND in finance, my second stint at UNI purely for the “social” side. Within a month I met my first wife, with whom I had my son, so from time to time, usually when he’s moaning about me being late, skint or gobby (or any combination) I remind him he owes his existence to the matchday chaos, involving his dad being a skint Walsall fan, that loved shouting at people like bank managers, couldn’t catch a train or bus if his life depended on it, but could blag a cheap drink in the Sahara.

So many stories from that day from everyone that went, and the week leading up. I think everyone that was there has some tale. Great idea for a book!


Was 3700 odd…

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I remember the ball boy going on the pitch to catch the ball (he thought it had gone out of play whilst in the air) and Marshy giving the poor lad pelters.


I remember being at Bury but virtually nothing of the actual game itself!

I do vaguely recall a window being smashed on one of Roy Randle’s Supporters Club coaches we were on.

One thing I can’t remember is why the game was bought forward from the Saturday to the Thursday night?

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