The board still have not backed Dean

think about it logically if Baka had not been sold for the rumoured 200k we would have been down to the bare bones without that money coming in late in the window.

Since we sold Bakayoko, we’ve signed Ferrier for a fee of 35k, Gordon for around 100k and I’m guessing Martin’s and Ronan’s wages haven’t come cheap either.

He’s definitely been backed, but we could do with abit of strengthening in January, especially at full back, which seems a real issue at the moment.

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Wait until el-nombre see’s this post :wink:


Imagine being this obsessed :roll_eyes:

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Obsessed :rofl:

I’m all for people having opinions, just not basing them on nonsense.

If you don’t think the full backs are good enough fine. If you are going to spout hyperbole about how they are the worst we’ve ever had or exaggerating their positional awareness with literally nothing to back it up then that’s when I take issue.

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Wilson has come in for the past three games and he’s been nothing short of poor. He shouldn’t have started on Saturday and was subbed off because how poor he was.

Wilson was brought in because how poor Devlin was at Luton and Leahy, after a decent start to the season has gone back to his form from last season, the 433 formation doesn’t suit Leahy because in a 442, Ginnelly does ALOT of work for him whereas on Saturday there were several times where Leahy went forward, Burton countered and Ferrier never tracked back.

As does Leahy in getting forward for him, something our fan base consistently underrates. It’s what being part of a team is about. Playing with three central midfielders and a centre forward at left wing is going to leave your left back exposed isn’t it?

As for Wilson, your criticisms have been fair. Not entirely sure why Devlin was dropped in the first place. You say he was poor against Luton, so was everybody else. He’s been perfectly fine this season. In another thread I actually analysed the goals we had conceded, I couldn’t find a single one that Devlin was individually culpable for. I could for numerous other players including Fitzwater who seems to be getting the opposite treatment to Leahy and Devlin. Fitzwater has been average since he came back but is getting a lot of leeway because of past performances. Devlin and Leahy seem to not be able to be forgiven for their performances last year despite demonstrably improving.

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so basically Dean has had to sell to allow him funds to bring in players at the death?thats not backing your manager for me and now teams have scouted us and got us worked out the weakness of the squad overall is starting to show itself.