The Bonser Suite Renaming

While they’re at it they can bin the absolutely ludicrously named Mayfair, Savoy and Priory lounges.

Maybe rename these something actually to do with the club rather than after London high society locations?

Cringe. Straight out of Pheonix Nights. Anyone would think we were ran by a bog handle manufacturer with delusions of grandeur


I am not a fan of calling spaces after people. Stands named after footballers are ok so I would get rid of the Bonser name . It should never have been called that . If we have to name these suites I would suggest local landmarks might be the way to go…Beacon, Arboretum, Chasewater or perhaps places where most of our support comes from, Pelsall, Rushall, Wednesbury for example. BB wants to better link the club to the town. This would be one small step on that journey.

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Throw a few settees and armchairs in there and call it the Three Piece Suite.


we were lol how about the Pennine suite?


Roy Whalley our very own answer to Anakin Skywalker if you have seen the films you will get what i mean.

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That swift is pissed…
Gerrim a kebab!


The street end bar sounds cool in keeping with our history

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Mick Kearns put in a shift perhaps his name is more apt than Bonsers.


Kearns wouldn’t be a bad choice but I’d rather it was named after Jonny Brain or Allan McKnight than Boner the toxic leech.

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Basically anything but what it is.

Another easy win for Trivela in the eyes of the fans.


Should be named after ex-Saddlers with an S surname for the alliteration.

Sawyers Suite
Shaibu Suite
Scrimshaw Suite
Songo’o Suite
Hector Sam Suite

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Super Soaraway Saddler Suite

Having seen some of the moaning on here over the years, think it should be named after us UTS fans and call it the salty and suite.


If I ever ventured in there I would feel the need to where a baseball cap backwards. Innit?

That would be bangin dude

How does “The Luton, Rotherham & Bournemouth Suite” sound?


For at least 2 of those you need to replace the u with a h.

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The blue pop and no chips suite

We’re in talks with a company called Suffolk Life to rename it The Suffolk Life Suite, apparently they’ll be doing workshop sessions with the fans from the suite.

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The Denglan suite