The Bonser Suite Renaming

All the changes being made this should be one also surely? the club must be aware of how the fans feel having his name still attached to the club even if it is just that worth asking the SLO about?


If we all send an email to the slo, im sure they will take action.

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Yeah and the pricks name appears as a transaction when you pay for something in there or under the stand fu ck him off for good


Still can’t believe it’s not been renamed already.

Needs to be done.


Good point. All references need eradicating Easy win for the club, won’t upset anyone that matters and many will be delighted. Trivela should just bite the bullet and do it as part of a (much needed) rebranding and ignore any opposition from the Bonsers Babes. Even better, don’t ignore the opposition from any of the former Bonser hierarchy, use it as an excuse to sack them so we can all move forward devoid of the Leach. Clear the decks, get rid of the deadwood that’s contributed so much to where we find ourselves now.


How about changing it to something as simple as “The Saddlers suite”?

Name it after a sponsor and get some more cash coming into the club.


Mentioned this on another thread and Exile replied that the name my be covenanted into the title deed.

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I think you will find if will be called the Nofo Lounge.


Should be named after a real club legend like Buckley Graydon or Alsop that would be a nice touch


I’d like it to be renamed the Whalley suite. There wouldn’t be a Walsall fc now if it wasn’t for Roy Whalley

The Joy & Pain Suite.
Dancing kev Suite.
The Gaffney Suite.

All the above would be an improvement on the Bonser Suite.

Personally i would like any of the following.

The Alsop Suite.
The Graydon Suite
The Buckley Suite

Or even a company to sponser it to bring more money into the club.

Basically anything but the Bonser suite.


How about



I know it’s a certain age thing, but there really isn’t anyone that comes close, given his playing and managing career at Walsall. Sir Ray achieved miracles as a manager, but The Buck gave us many, many years of entertainment and memories.


Well with the price of the drinks, it certainly couldn’t be called the Poundland suite !! :slightly_smiling_face:
I’d even be happy with the Trivela name being used if not a former legend ie … Ray Graydon, Alan Buckley, Colin Taylor etc.

I loved Buckley but I would go with a sponsor and make some money. I certainly think it needs renaming.

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Surely the Buckley Bar would have a better ring to it?

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Ridiculous it still has that name.

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We could pay homage to one of our former players Nicky Cross, then could call it the Crossbar, even better ring to it.:joy:


Not fooling anyone with this bull shit

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