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I think the fans have only turned toxic over the last couple of games and rightly so - the players look like they haven’t tried in our biggest games of the season and although it might not effect their futures as they have their minds set elsewhere, it certainly effects the clubs

The losses prior to those games against the teams at the top of the table there was no toxic atmosphere as we looked like we were trying and gave them good games yet can’t do the same against teams around us when they need to most so I find it hard to point the finger at the fans in this situation



Of course, you’re right about the last few games. But prior to that, you think nobody was hurling abuse at players? Really? For example, Devlin has received a lot of it in his time here. Is he limited in ability? Absolutely. Does he generally give 110%? Absolutely. So no need for some of the comments directed at him. Somebody like leahy it’s more complicated because he has let his relationship with the fans affect his effort in my opinion but I guess that’s chicken and egg.

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The problem with that is these are the games where they should be scrapping the most.

I’ve defended the players over the course of the season against anybody who has said the effort isn’t there, because it was false. But that desire has to be there every game, and especially when it really matters.

Giving 100 percent isn’t giving 100 percent if it isn’t in 100 percent of the games.



Yes, I understand your point there. I guess, in any job, you can get to a point where you’ve just had enough, your confidence is shot, your motivation is gone and it affects your effort.

I remember a decent manager (can’t remember who) saying you should be very wary of signing players from relegated clubs because they may well have the wrong mentality. Some of our players, and their future managers, would do well to remember that!



You forgot to mention what causes toxic atmospheres… these footballers we pay a small fortune to follow up and down the country putting in absolutely zero effort at all.

So yeah. Players putting in zero effort or care creates toxic atmospheres which creates toxic teams and toxic performances. Agreed👍



So which players? Name them. Above, I’ve listed a number of players (the majority of the team) who have consistently given good effort even if limited in ability. So how many would you consider to have given “zero effort” and how does that compare to the list of players rubbished on here and on social media match after match?



I’ve missed the last 2 matches but from what I’ve seen this season the core of the team have given there all. Often to the point of exhaustion, which sadly the manager failed to take note of on a number of occasions meaning tired legs were left on the pitch far too long.

Personally I think the Barnsley sucker punch broke a few of them mentally. Rightly or wrongly performances have not been the same since then.



What if they told you you were a useless ■■■■■■■ ■■■■ and an oxygen thieving ■■■■■■?

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Its interesting reading the George Andrews interview. He says ALL he was interested in was pleasing the fans. How things have changed, even over the course of the last 20 years since the likes of Marsh, Keates etc etc. Its another massive part of what supporting a club like ours, the connection with the players, that seems to be generally becoming a thing of the past. I just don’t get that with this team. So many of them have been given a chance, at this level by THIS football club you would think they would appreciate that and give it back with spades. If that means taking a bit of stick after posting our worst run of results for 30 years then that needs to be part of their learning curve as new PROFESSIONAL footballers playing in the 3rd tier of English football. They lapped up the plaudits early season, and that was part of their learning curve also. I would say to any one of this squad ahead of Friday “what do you want from yourself as a player? You’ve worked so hard and in some cases waited so long for a chance at this level. If you want to argue, fart around, give up, not be physically fit, get sent off for utterly stupid actions in games where the team and the club needs you most, then just go and play Sunday league with your mates, and get an ordinary job”. That would be my take on it, and ahead of Friday that’s what they should be reflecting on.



There’s a huge difference in our employment rules, a footballer can be useless for 2 years and pick up a salary with no risk of redundancy.

Now should I be terrible at my job I could be gone within a month without a pot to ■■■■ in.



@geordiesaddler George said that 3 or 4 times in our chat and although he played for 4 FL clubs that was his outlook wherever he played. Also mentioned that in those days all the players were on the same wages so no bitching that so and so player was on more because they simply wasn’t. Players like Stan Bennett and Colin Harrison have told me they only ever wanted to play for one club - Walsall FC. Colin said that he heard there was some interest from Plymouth for his services but if there was a firm offer he wouldn’t have gone as his only desire was to play for WFC. How times have changed.



More pathetic antagonistic comments by Leahy on social media. A video of him playing football with 2 children on Instagram with the caption ‘found my level Uploading: 9F58E34D-420D-4AED-8246-F7EAADB7C29F.png…

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Leahy on social media. A video of him playing football with 2 children on Instagram…

Was it another defeat , or a confidence booster ?

Who WON ?



He isn’t doing his profile as a loyal footballer any favours, surely other managers will look at that, and his indifferent performances for us and think twice about employing him? has he done this before at other clubs or is it just down to some of our supporters?



He certainly didn’t do it at Falkirk, where he was very highly regarded so maybe it’s your other suggestion.

The fact is another league one club will pick him up and, assuming he can turn around the very negative attitude he’s assumed, he’ll be a decent, solid player if used correctly.



Not surprised. No doubt some will still back him despite his constant disgusting attitude and antagonism. ■■■■■.



Not surprised. The bloke is a disgrace.

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Clearly lacks self respect




  1. This season has been beyond pathetic.
  2. We will be here long after these jokers.
  3. There are more of us than them.
  4. We are big and ugly.