The Isaac Hutchinson obsession depression regression progression thread

For anything Hutch related rather than clogging up every match day thread about the bloke and his role in the team.I actually like him but he’s not the only player we have folks.


Is this the succession to the excession or the concession to the impression that there’s too much Hutch on the match threads?


He’s a good footballer. Technically better than L2.

His attitude comes across as top notch. He looks like a good pro.

His work rate and energy levels cannot be faulted.

The only fault you can find with this guy is 1) Consistency and 2) Decision making. We’ve all watched enough football to know these develop with age games and experience.

The only argument about him should be - should the management be recruiting finished article / end of career players to play his role. Not questioning if he’s any good. He’s decent and could be even better.

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Can we make the thread Stirky and Hutch, then people can research both properly and post the results of all their detective work on our midfield.:grin:


Probably the best player footballing wise we have had since we have been in league 2 except for Rory Holden
If he was more consistent we’d have a million + player on our hands and he’d probably make the championship one day
Look at his stats goals and assists last year for such an inconsistent player and think if he was top of his game most days what his stats could have been
We are lucky to have him
You can argue dj and daniels are more effective at their roles ofcourse

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Anyone else remember Bobby Hutchinson who played for us under Coakley? Played a dozen or so games for us and made the PFA team of the season. Because we signed him in March, I think, and the voting had taken place by then, he made the team based on his exploits for Bristol City, but he was credited as one of ours. :grin:

I remember him…he was an ok player but our current Hutchinson seems to be a good bloke and a decent player. I am not sure he is much better than this level. We may find that out this season as I think he has better players to link up with. It is a big season for him and our Club. Are we capable of something better than we have seen over the past 4 years?

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This oisexactly what it is . Everyone rates him but his consistency lets him down… Heading and tackling improvement would help. I also do not see this engine. Still near enough first name on the sheet hoping hes on it

Can we create a thread about deflections as well :grin:

That’s just because you want to deflect away from the main issue.

Not sure why he gets so much attention, his performances do not warrant it .

Be nice to focus on some of our other players :+1:t2:

Not really a fan of having threads dedicated to certain players, don’t think it’s fair. Prefer it kept to match threads tbh where every player is debated whether they were good or bad rather than singling one out.


Players like Hutch is can be a nightmare for a manger. Undoubtably talented and when on his game can be great but isn’t on it consistently enough. From a manager perspective it’s easier/sort of better to have a slightly lesser player that is much more consistent. You can set your team and game plan up knowing what you’re gonna get rather than gamble on them turning in a performance. Of course you want that more talented player and hope that they will develop and become more consistant particularly if they are young. Then of course you’ll loose them to higher up the pyramid and just hope you get that money in your budget to strengthen the team as a whole. All part of developing teams over a period of time of course but does make it more difficult to plan for individual games.

I think that is the main challenge for Hutch this season. He’s good but needs to become more consistent and I think has more competition this season which will push him more. If he doesn’t start to show that consistency, there will start to be games where he only starts on the bench because you need more certainty in your plan at the start and then bring him on if you need to as he’s capable of turning a game if he shows up.

Hopefully he will become more consistent and become the player he really could be.

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Agreed, I think the Hutch debate is exhausted, think we need to turn our attention to a much wider debate such as was Kinsella the diamond in the Walsall crown.


Good player with potential but not the finished article. Players of his style always seem to divide opinion. Think back to Sawyers.

Also think he must be related to Completley Saddled :wink:


I would normally agree but every match thread seems to be about him lately or the majority of it like i said we have other good players in the side.

Loved sawyers mate class player


They can be the final straw.


Agree! Used to be real debates about him on here though.

Slightly controversial but I think he reigned it in a bit after Smith left, knew he was on his way at the end of the season. Was brilliant at his best though, remember in the game against Chelsea he looked as good as any of their players.

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Hutch man of the match :clap: