The Mat Sadler Thread

Do people think we should persevere with sadler or get rid before we lose another season?
For me he is no where near ready, shows his inexperience in managing a team tactically and emotionally
Just another poor manager as we all knew he would be when we signed him for some reason
If seriously look at our season and if we believe sadler can still make a go of it
January will be to late to make a difference if he is sacked then
What’s your opinion? Overreaction and believe sadler is good and deserves a proper go or release before it’s to late as he is proving he isn’t ready?

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Hopefully he’s the best man to get us out of a pickle


We will only end up with egg on our face

He’s in a bit of a sticky position. Though the board might think that there will be jam tomorrow…


If he loses next time I think he’ll be Going Underground !!

He was the best choice from all the candidates don’t ya know…by god the others must have been pretty rough. However, he was already on the books and was obviously a cheap option. Being ‘a nice guy’ does NOT win football matches, his excuses are wearing a little thin.
Some forgot at the time that he was here as part of the team that oversaw the constant failure for a number of years…seems like he learned a lot from that experience and just carried on where the team he was part of had performed.
Need a leader prepared to kick butt, these players (those that are left uninjured or banned) are stealing a living, looking good on paper is no good if ya can’t transfer that to the field of play.


I blame Hussey

Wonder if Completely Saddled has had a mock interview yet with El Pomletto


Now that really would end a 62 year relationship with my home town club!


This is the disadvantage of a board coming out claiming that there are long-term plans and so forth. It makes it difficult to make a change from a PR perspective because you’re admitting you got it wrong in the first place, adding to unwelcome pressure when a bad run inevitably rears its head.

The advantage of this strategy is that, when through luck or judgement it does come together, you can claim it was all part of the master plan all along. It’s a big gamble for fairly minor plaudits though. The frustrating thing is that this lesson hasn’t been learned from the Fullarton debacle.

The aim should be to win the next game. As a supporter that’s all I want to hear. I couldn’t give a flying cack about years down the line. What’s more, if you don’t take care of the short-term, there won’t be a long-term.


We all know that he wasn’t ever the first choice.

Been pretty much confirmed that a couple turned it down due to not being able to bring their own staff etc.

Sadler will be the fall guy for yet another board f**k fest though.


Spot on exactly what has happened and will happen.

The aim should be to win the next game. As a supporter that’s all I want to hear. I couldn’t give a flying cack about years down the line. What’s more, if you don’t take care of the short-term, there won’t be a long-term.

Spot on


I never wanted him as manager, always thought it was a wrong decision. It was Trivela’s chance to say this is a new Walsall, we’re going to put some money into getting someone worth having, someone with experience, someone who we trust to build something here on the back of it working elsewhere. (Not saying that’s guaranteed success, but it might allow them a little more time to build something, because right now I can’t see us building anything, and there’s no past experience to go on to say maybe it’ll work, I don’t think it will).


Sadler out for me
Still time to turn the season around
Sadler isn’t a manager, like mole was never a COO and Whitaker is never a supports liaison
We are shocking at recruitment across everything to do with the football club


This is why I was mad he got the job in the 1st place. We should not be a training ground for 1st time managers. Its not fair to him and its definitely not fair on us.

We have had a decade of decline and are so disconnected. Owned by yanks who come over every 6 weeks; who want to improve the match day… but they dont realise, its not America. Most of us do not give a shit if food it rubbish or the beer is warm IF we are winning every other week.

The pitch is the priority and it feels like “we have been fooled again!”


I stopped playing the interview at

It was one of those days where what could go wrong did go wrong

Well Mat. As a Football Manager you have to manage these situations and balance out risk and reward.

We discuss poor recruitment (defensively) through to how we are starting games (usually by conceding)

You are the only man can change this.

So lose the cliche comments


His post match interview is as pathetic as his team selections.


He wont get the boot unless we are staring relegation in the face. We are into this one for at least a couple of seasons.


There is no way the board will sack him only a few games into a season, be realistic.