The new Derek Mountfield?

In the mid 1990s, Walsall signed an experienced centre half who had graced the top league with Everton and Aston Villa. Although lacking in pace, he steadied the ship and brought a lot of know how into a young and confidence-drained team. The manager needed an old head to marshall the defence…

With the imminent arrival of Chris Hughton at the Albion, could DC make a cheeky call to Gareth Barry?

Although he started at Brighton, he has lived and played in the Midlands for a big chunk of his career. With Scarr doing the donkey work, Barry could give the team a bit of experience and calmness. He could also help Kory so that in a year’s time, he could step up into the first team as a fully fit regular (hopefully in league one).

It would cost a decent wedge of the budget but without a leader on the pitch, you will win zip: just look at Man Utd.

GB has made his money but I get the impression that he loves the game and with the exception of one night driving a stolen taxi, he has been the ultimate pro.

I think he could ‘steer’ us in the right direction…


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Just performed the equivalent of a on-line double take!



We’ve all done it :joy:


Good Thread … In past promotions from this division we have certainly needed seasoned pros and experience i.e. Martin Butler , Clayton Ince & Martin Dobson the last time and then in 1995 older pros like Colin Gibson, Charlie Palmer and Kevin Wilson so plenty of wise heads will be essential I think.
If Barry was to play for the love of the game over money then yeah I’d take him.

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And what A pairing Decker Mountfield and Ade Viveash were back then !! :ok_hand::ok_hand:


A great idea and thought but I can’t believe Jeff would be prepared to pay what’s needed to get someone like him to a L2 club…

Surely he’ll have loads of offers?!?!

Andy Butler tweeted this last night, which many are taking to be his goodbye to Doncaster Rovers. He is out of contract now and hasn’t accepted a new one (yet).

Andy Butler


1st of all i’d like to thank all the players/staff/club for being a pleasure to work with and a massive thanks to the fans for all your support. #drfc #beproud Thanks Butts.

I think he could come back just for 1 year and get us up. Don’t forget he is still a saddlers fan!


Absolutely no chance of Barry turning up at " Fortress Bescot " players of his standing don’t tend to drop to the lower leagues now, they’ve made their money, it’s no longer playing for the love of the game more about playing for the love of money! Think of the added cost if somehow he arrived and Chambers stayed? Bonser would have to install " grab rails" in the showers and along the players entrance and tunnel wall, all essential for OAP welfare🤔


I agree @Mister-sitter . I’m guessing here but I’d guess that the likes of Wilson, Mountfield , Gibson et al took around a 50% drop in wages when they came to us. Say from £2k a week to £1k a week.

A substantial drop but still a decent proportion and a decent living at the back end of your career. A career that has made you comfortable for now but by no means set up for life.

In the modern game for a Gareth Barry you might be talking about going from £35k a week to £2k a week. So around a 95% drop at the back end of a career that has made you rich and, unless you’ve been daft with your cash, definitely set up for life.

The only slight chance would be if he fancied getting into coaching and we could help him make a start on that journey.


Agreed PT

Let’s be honest. Who hasn’t stolen a taxi?


Gareth Barry has not been daft with his cash. Been earning big money for nearly 20 years. He ay been sticking it under the bed.

He’s been sticking it to things on the bed, and a fair wedge at the clap clinic. Allegedly.

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Here’s an interview I did last week with the old Derek Mountfield that includes details of a couple of spats he had with Sun Tan Man.


He did a brilliant job for us, just what we needed at the time. I think Carlisle went down the season he joined us, so their decision didn’t work out that well. :smile:
I love having players like that in the team, Roger Hynd, Neil Pointon, fantastic players for us.
I like him more knowing he fell out with Sun Tan Man. :grin:
There’s a bit of a typo, he won the F A Cup in 1984 (beating Watford), in 1985 they lost ManUre.

He was one of our ex-players I would have had down for a good career in management/coaching.

Thanks for spotting the deliberate mistake! Edited. I think he was put off management by that time in Ireland and really enjoys the work he is now doing with disadvantaged kids and helping them all he can a really satisfying career move he said.

I’m glad his new career is working out for him. The one thing we would know from his time as a player is that whatever he chose to do, he would do it whole-heartedly.

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