The Official Summer Transfer Rumours Thread 2024/25

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I’m so annoyed about yesterday, that I wanted to think about realistic solutions to the problems that we currently have.

One is that we have strikers that couldn’t hit a barndoor with a banjo.

To start the rumour mill going, I’m going for a young, local, quick, hungry striker called Callum Ebanks at Stratford.

He was at Cheltenham as a youngster so Dan Watson might know him.

Let’s find a new goalscoring hero! :red_circle::white_circle::soccer:


If Hutchinson is to leave and we get a decent fee for him, would love us to replace him with Chris Conn Clarke.

Getting Mo Faal back should be high up on the priority list, whether that be another loan or permanent.

Corey Addai out of contract at Crawley, would be a great replacement for Evans.


I think Addai is the best keeper in league two.

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He’s been midlands based before being at Coventry, Telford and Redditch.

Was at Crawley with Byfield too.

Watched him play twice this season, good with his feet, so would be an upgrade on Evans in that respect.

Has Player X retired yet?

What’s milan doing :thinking:


He’s in a taxi, outside the stadium!

A la Odemwinge

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Scott Dann still doesn’t have a club - only 37. We always sign one old player who used to be good but is now crocked eg everyone we have ever signed over 30 . Ward , Matt, Clarke , Jarvis , Martin ,etc etc
I’d take Jack Nolan and Jason McCarthy back

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Danny Armstrong at Kilmarnock plays RWB and has 9 goals and 14 assists this season. Had youth career at Wolves so may have links to the area.

On further investigation he is Contracted until 2025 though so unlikely we will pay a transfer fee. Nice idea while it lasted.

On the Scottish theme, there’s a young lad called Grady McGrath at Brechin.

Only 21, diminutive but knows where the goal: is 16 in 21 games (not a great standard, granted, but he has real potential).

He has family in the Midlands (I work with his aunt) but one of those ‘punts’ which might work out: pretty sure that he’d jump at the chance (even as a Trialist) and sell on could be huge.

Low risk, high gain signing and he’d be a very modest investment.


Don’t see paying fees for players as an issue under Trivela, aslong as they see the fee paid as an investment with future potential/profit, then i think they’d be happy to do it.


Wonder if trivela will break our transfer record for the right player
Burton may want money for Gordon

I’d rather we spent money on a Gorgon @Sephiroth92 ! :joy:

At least we might win one or two of those ‘stone wall’ penalties…



Gordon’s stock would be low at the moment, so doubt a fee to bring him here permanently would be anywhere near our record fee.

Plus, if we did have that sort of money available for a striker, I’d want us to spend some of that on Mo Faal.


Happy with this appointment, think it’s a very good sign of appointing people on the up (him excelling in his roles at both morecambe and Harrogate previously) rather than people on there way down and most probably failing at clubs previously. Im hoping he may bring a couple of players with him that have been excellent at Morecambe this season, 1 being Joel Senior RB who was excellent for them this season and cleaned up at there awards evening winning players player and fans player of the season amongst others another is Michael Mellon… I know this one may be slightly harder to capture being on the books at Burnley and recently signing a new long term deal but he was I’d say phenomenal with them up until his recall in January 13 goals in 22 appearances then moved onto Dundee 2nd half of campaign with 2 in 10 but if we managed to pull this off I’d say he could very much be another Freddie Draper.

Put this in the Ben Sadler topic but maybe better in here


Just realised the way I wrote it makes it sound Gordon would be the record fee lol
It was meant to be 2 separate statements lol Gordon would be like a nominal 10k fee or something silly

Connor Lemonheigh Evans would be a decent signing sure he’s out of contract at Stockport. Also Harry Smith from Sutton as a target man if he wants to stay in the League don’t think we will get Matt Smith from Salford if he leaves there.

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Announce him!!!

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Jason Mccarthy anyone?


James O’Connor was at the game yesterday. That’s the 2nd time he’s been at Bescot recently. I wonder if he’s going to be part of the backroom set up next season?