The Walsall FC Trust


More commonly known as the Steve Davis omni-circus and travel opportunity, apparently has annual elections every June.

Who knew?

I know more about the Illuminati and the nearest Masonic Lodge accounts than this secret organisation.



Minutes of the Trust.
It’s a hilarious read.

WALSALL FC SIERRA LEONE - £25 donation for Abduls wedding sent as requested. Thanks from Abdul. Foundation is ongoing and a container is due to leave end of the month. This is ongoing.

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Some may have seen my attempt at honest debate with them, but as always this doesent fit with there remit, apparantly you are not entitled to ask anything taxing of them or ask what they actually do
Because mr Davis throws his toys out the pram,

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Loll Havant even taken part in the current debate, over on wfhys
Seems lots others. View the trust in same light as myself
Got to love some one though who hides behind such a ridiculous user profile. To try to belittle his fellow fan, you obviously know who I am , so grow a pair and reveal your true self or come seek me out sat and we can debate your concerns
Doubt you will tho somehow



Despite our recent, and now concluded, differences, I have to agree with @Dhforever with regards to the Trust.

They seem unfit for purpose.
They do a reasonable amount of charity work, but that isn’t really their main reason for being. I feel they’ve lost their way, and as mentioned at the start of the thread, seem more about the furtherment of one person’s photo scrapbook.

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It was a reply to the original post not your post. Deleted to avoid confusion.

I will admit the Trust are no longer fit for purpose as they stand today. Need a new direction with younger fans.



Hi Sound_Out.

You were right about the Villa. :slightly_smiling_face:



Apreciate the reply and apologise for biting

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The Jeef posting here is not the original Jeef.

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There’s only one Jeef Boner. :smile:



The Trust and the club are SO similar. Both have a disconnection with our fans but when both are criticised they go on the defensive and in some cases just bury their heads in the sand and get on with what they want to do despite the criticism for things to change.

The trust has just become a toy to play with and use as a name to tie to donations abroad. I’ve no problem with donations abroad but Walsall FC Trust should be trying to connect people of the town to the club, so do more in the local community. Not just at Easter but all year round. Donate money to grassroots football which could help our club and will also give our club a good name. Help the homeless of the town, help the less fortunate.

The Trust is supposed to be for the local community and it has never felt further from it.