Hi. I’m running the London Marathon to raise funds for the YMCA. I’ve contacted a number of football clubs to see if they could assist and Walsall very kindly offered me a voucher for an adult and a junior in the Community Stand (any Category B game). I live in Darlington so as you might imagine there’s not much demand for Walsall tickets (and yes I know, there’s even less for Darlington tickets in Walsall! :grinning:) and I was hoping your forum could assist. Anyway I’d like to offer the voucher to someone for £15 if anyone is interested. It is for a good cause. Thanks

I think you’ll find there’s not much demand for Walsall tickets down here at the moment Dave…good luck with the marathon.


Thanks Sid. Hopefully someone will have some interest. £10 will do if anyone is interested.

Any interest in these 2 cheap tickets? All for a good cause.

I’ll give you 50p

Actually forget that.

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Aw, go on then. Tell Esther, see if I care.