Tile Choice stand no more

Tile choice have now switched their advertising campaign at the Bescot to the big screens facing the M6.
What’s the stand going to be called next?
I’m sure it won’t be the gilbert alsop :frowning:
Maybe they’ll call it the Hillary Street End :grinning:

Knowing us it will be called the new holt :joy:

Thanks for the info. Otherwise I would have turned up at the ticket office in August and asked for a seat in the Tile Choice - and ended up on top of one of those advertising screens. Good view of the M6, I suppose. Moo! :grin:

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It’ll be called The Venue, Birmingham Stand.

Announce The George Dobson Stand Walsall FC

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The Jeff Bonser Stand?

If no sponsor can be found do we go back to it being the Gilbert Alsop Stand? Ray Graydon Stand?

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The wellruncluborf**koffandsupportRotherham stand

The Big End.

Makes identifying which one it is for visitors far easier.

Stand X?

The ‘bit that you can see from the M6’ stand?

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I don’t think Walsall own the advertising screen,it belongs to the advertising company who pay rent to the football club,I could be wrong but I thought Sign Specialists paid to erect the original one on top of the stand and maybe they had something to do with finding someone to finance the new advertising screen.

From the club statement on the annual results October 2017:

The year also saw us embark on our first standalone foray into the digital advertising world with an investment in two new M6 motorway facing digital advertising screens. We believe we have the ideal location to benefit from significant advertising revenue that will generate substantial bottom line profits to go straight into the playing budget for many years to come.

If I remember correctly the pension fund lent the club the money to buy the screens which were to be marketed directly by the club.

We’re probably still paying back the loan.