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Time To Start From Scratch?


i would recommend the book ‘This Is Our Time - The Story Of AFC Wimbledon ‘

Inspiring stuff and serious food for thought right now


Very, very different situation. Start up AFC Walsall by all means but it’s not the way most supporters would want to go.


I’d give anything for this to happen but I sadly can’t see it happening. I think Bonser will pass his mini empire down to his family and the saga will continue. If someone doesn’t want to sell how do we for his hand? We are as a club, to small in number and more importantly, totally apathetic, there lies the problem.

Start again, AFC Walsall, means start enjoying football matches again, what league we were in wouldn’t bother me. The enjoyment and passion would mean more.

I’m a stay away but decided to go to yesterdays game with my son, seeing first hand how bad things are; a morgue for an atmosphere, hoof ball passing 90% of the time made me realise why people on here are talking like they are. It all makes sense sadly. :frowning:


I’d love for fans to get behind this idea. In reality it will never happen but it would be great, it’d give all the fans a new hope and some enjoyment because can it really be any worse? Our weekend hobby we all attend at WFC just isn’t fun anymore.


It can still be fun. That’s your choice. Only you are responsible for your own thoughts. If you’re making your happiness dependent on team success then you’ll remain unhappy for now. If you just enjoy the day out, meeting friends or family, sharing the experience with others, then you can still have fun.


Obviously. But the actual football side of it is not fun and the moment you step into that empty shell of a ground just look around you. It looks like it sucks the life out of everybody.


The deep question to consider is would you rather watch Walsall FC owned by Bonser slowly but surely deteriorating, but commanding (for now at least) a football league place, or would you rather watch a new AFC Walsall owned by the fans but playing non-league football?


Come down to the banksy’s stadium the mood hoover :joy:


Has anyone heard any more about potential take over/investment that Asps mentioned some time ago. Is that still on the cards for next season or has that died a death? Asking for a friend (I believe that’s the saying :rofl:)


There’s not enough unity or energy amongst our fan base to do anything like this. Bonser’s intention, like any efficient parasite has always been to keep enough life in the failing corpse so that he can keep sucking away while at the same time convincing the ever decreasing and demoralised relies (ie. us) that the eyelids have just flickered, there has just been a word murmured, or there is a much worse disease being suffered down in Luton, Bournemouth, and Rotherham that makes ours look like a dose of the snots. Thirty years of this now, supporters in their 40’s that have known nowt else but Bonser, Bescot, and the way things are.

There’s also a huge amount of cognitive dissonance that goes with it. People starting to realise that the lunatic fringe were actually right in what they said 25, 20, 10 years ago, and that Bonser and his regime has always been built on lies and self-interest, will just quietly walk away rather than get angry and energised. That’s what you do when you realise you’ve supported the wrong corner, and have facilitated the problem.


This :point_up:


Wanted this when it was first muted after Fox & Dann.

Walsall Town Swifts AFC, I’d support.


Just go and support Walsall Wood. They play in red and white, have Darren Byfield in charge, are in the borough of Walsall and have Walsall in their name. Already in the football pyramid, and are currently second top of their league and looking good for promotion. Always had a soft spot for them personally, girl of the week plus a bottle of lambrini in the back of the old wooden stand, we knew how to protest back in the 80’s, or at least the girls did (much to my never ending failure) :blush:.


You stole my thunder Geordie. There’s plenty of established teams in the Walsall conurbation that would welcome a couple of hundred paying customers every other week.

Rushall Olympic are another example. Clear ticket pricing structure & chips.



I know…but the colours! Need to change that kit.


My nephew was promoted to the first team coaching staff there on friday :ok_hand: good luck Reevesy x


But I am a Walsall supporter. Why should I go anywhere else? Clearly we need wholesale change at the top but even if that happened would our Club be any different. When JB pushed the financial boat out in the early 2000s did the town respond? Did our gates get anywhere near what was/is required to support a Championship club over a period of years? There are many other Towns with similar or greater support who are below us in the pyramid so when JB goes I doubt much will change. I would love us to become a Championship Club but the way football has moved on in the past decade makes that more difficult.


Too true Geordie!


You don’t have to, however those that no longer want to go have quite a few options locally rather than “AFC Walsall” (terribly bland name, IMHO).


Walsall town swifts?